In the Pond Naked When the Girls Came By

And here’s a skinny dipping story from Matt who had some unexpected company:

A few years ago when I was 24 my family owned a farm with a pond on it. It was great for swimming and my girlfriend and I used it quite regularly. I would go skinny dipping if I was the only one around.

One day,  I decided to go skinny dipping because I was bored. Well, you could see the area where we would park from the road and my girlfriend and her sister saw my car sitting there so they decided they would come swimming, too.

They pulled up and got out of the car and started to change behind it (out of my sight). I was not nervous because I figured that they would only be there for a little while then leave. As they walked toward the pond, my girlfriend’s sister noticed that my swim trunks were sitting in the front seat of my car and she started to giggle. My girlfriend asked what was so funny and her sister reached through the window and pulled them out to show her.Now the cat was out of the bag.

They asked if I was naked and I said I was and that they should try it. Right away, her sister said no way but my girlfriend did not seem to be put off by this and actually removed her top. Her sister who is very well endowed said that she did not want me seeing all her bits, I mentioned that her sister who was very similar in size was standing next to her topless.

She finally agreed that if I would not look she would take her top off and come in the water – which she did.

When she came in the water, my girlfriend came in as well. We swam for a while and then, out of the blue, my girlfriend removed her bottoms and tossed them at me so I through them on shore. Her sister said that she did not believe she just did that and also that I probably wasn’t even naked and I needed to prove it.

I walked toward shore so I was completely out of the water and turned around to face them.

I said, “there you have seen all my bits now it’s your turn.”

With that, my girlfriend walked up next to me and said, “yep, it is your turn.”

Her sister hesitated but emerged from the water. To our surprise, she had removed her bikini bottoms and was holding them in her hand. She said that we looked so comfortable and natural that she wanted to try it out.

We ended up spending the rest of the day naked in the water and the sun.

That’s the way to do it – get everyone involved in the naked fun!



  1. sounds like an amazing time with 2 amazing girls 🙂 lucky man

  2. Jen said, “That’s the way to do it – get everyone involved in the naked fun!”


  3. Great story

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