In what situation would you ever go skinny dipping?

I’m one who is never shy about an opportunity! What about you? Anytime of day, or only late night?


  1. I used to all the time. once when we were alone. I thought. a family came out of the woods.little girl holding the daddy’s hand.boy ow boy. we were at the lake. I just stood there with my hands over my …..well I really was carefull after that.It embarrassed me.

  2. It would depend on where I was and who I was with.

    I would prefer not to be the only one doing it in a very public place.

  3. if i was offered 100 million bucks!

  4. depends on who’s pool.. if it was mine or somewhere where only my husband and I are.. then anytime.. but if it is someone else’s then only late at night when i know there asleep or not gonna notice

  5. The beach at night. Although once I was skinny dipping with a female friend and a fisherman came along the beach and told us a tiger shark had been caught there an hour ago. It’s not without its perils!

  6. MusicLover says

    I skinny dip in hotel hot tubs with my husband when no one is around. I’d like to skinny dip in the beach at night or be brave enough to skinny dip with other people.

  7. In a hot tub on a private deck only!

  8. ladybugewa says

    A lake, at night, camping.
    With good friends that I can trust, and a bit of alcohol for courage.

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