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285_2930128Here’s a crazy little skinny dipping story from PAV:

One winter, while I in college, me and my girlfriend and my best friend and his girlfriend decided to go swimming in his parents’ indoor pool while they were out of town.

We nervously went to the restroom to put on or swim suits and each of us quickly entered the water which was the perfect temperature. We threw around a beach ball for a while and just played around splashing each other while swimming. I was towards the deep end and, when no one was looking, I pulled my trunks down a bit and spun around in the water and then pulled them back up. It was a really great feeling and something about not having the fabric hang on me felt so freeing. I wanted to do more but not alone so I decided to try and convince the girls to take their suits off but they were not having it, so I offered to go first.

None of us had ever done anything like this before and I felt excited but anxious at the same time but I threw my trunks up on the side of the pool. The nerves made me feel like I was shivering even though the water was warm.

After that, my buddy’s girlfriend gets out of the pool, puts on a pair of goggles and jumps back in the water to get a better look at me under water but they didn’t work. Both girls then get out and come over to my side of the pool to try to take a look at me. They said how they can’t believe I took off my swim trunks and said they could see me through the water.

Pretty soon after that, my buddy has his trunks off and then finally both girls reluctantly take off their tops. It was great getting to see the girls go topless and both us guys were enjoying it. We all played around throwing the beach ball and my buddy and I purposely threw it higher or to the side so the girls had to reach and jump for it. The girls were both having a lot of fun being exposed and they played it up giggling and playing with each other and jumping up out of the water.

We were having fun and then the girls decide to try and get us out of the water. My buddy’s girlfriend pretty much grabs him and lifts him up exposing him to us. She then says that since my girlfriend saw him so my girlfriend should get to see me – since it’s only fair.

I look at my girlfriend and she confidently says “well she’s right, you better go ahead and show her.” She’s treading water right in front of me and I sheepishly stand up giving her a private viewing.

After that, none of us were very modest the rest of the evening and we took turns getting out of the water, running around the pool and jumping in, giving everyone a good look. It felt really great to be so open and un-inhibited. Even though none of us had perfect bodies, it didn’t matter and we just had fun being so open around each other.

Toward the end of the evening, did get the girls to take their bottoms off but not for very long. Although, just as we were getting out, my buddy’s girlfriend does a headstand with her legs out of the water and does the splits – exposing herself with water rushing everywhere, which was awesome.

When we got out of the pool we toweled off in front of each other and I kind of took it slow, allowing the girls to get a good look which backfired as I got excited. At that point, I did get to show off my towel hanging skills.

That evening in the pool happened a few years back and since then we both married our then girlfriends and all continue to be good friends, although we have never done anything like that again.

Well, it’s about time to do it again! Good story!



  1. nice story

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