Inspiration on the Lake

Jeff sent this story about his very first time:

Once when I was young, my family took our boat out on the nearest lake for a fun day in the sun. At this point, I had never skinny dipped before, been naked outside, or even seen another human being naked.

But as we found a nice shady bay to anchor in and enjoy some lunch, I look over the back of the boat, and some distance away I see a group of beautiful girls climbing out of the lake, their naked bodies bare to the world. I was amazed, mainly because I had never seen a single girl naked before, but also by the fact that they were so comfortable with showing their bodies in such a wide, open space. Thankfully, none of my family had noticed them yet.

I shifted in my seat, both to get a better look and to try and hide my growing boner. A couple of the girls were starting to sunbathe, mostly face-down, so I got a great view of their backsides. By this time, I was fully erect and decided to do something about it. As slyly as I could, I turned around and stood up facing the back of the boat, the rest of my family behind me. I stood proudly at the back of the boat, not trying to hide myself from anybody in front of me, half-hoping one of the girls would notice, but I’m sure they didn’t.

So I climbed off the boat and into the lake, and I started to consider approaching the girls. They were obviously fine with being seen by anybody, so what was the harm if somebody wanted to join them? But I instantly realized how creepy it would look if some guy just swam on up to them. So I decided that the only way to break that ice to make it less weird would be to get naked too, so I’d seem like a fellow nudist, and not some creep who wants to get a better look at some beautiful girls.

I pulled off my boardshorts and left them floating by the boat and started to swim over. But I wasn’t sure about my plan. On top of that, I had never been around people naked before, and realized that I might be super uncomfortable.

So halfway over, unfortunately I chickened out and started to swim back. I still regret that, not knowing the fun I could have had if I had just been a little braver, but at least I got my first skinny dip out of it! I pulled my shorts back on, and as I came back in the boat, my family had finally noticed the naked girls, and decided to go somewhere else.

I got one last look before we left, as one girl in particular was starting to stand up from sunbathing, inadvertently giving me a great view of her butt, and it was glorious.

I’m sorry you didn’t follow through, Jeff! But I’m glad you had a nice start to a life of skinny dipping.


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