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Caleb sent in this story of his first skinny dipping experiences:

My one (and so far, only) experience with skinny dipping happened when I was fifteen. I had gone to California with a school group for an Orchestra tour and the hotel we were staying in had a really big pool (8 feet deep!). Less than ten minutes after getting there we all changed into our suits and went down to the pool. The girl I like (though she wasn’t my girlfriend yet) was wearing a bikini and I was wearing a speedo.

We only got to swim for around ten minutes before a big rainstorm moved in and we had to go back to our rooms. But when I went to mine, I realized I had left the key on the dresser! My roommates had gone with one of the teachers to get food so I was locked outside.

Since I was only wearing my speedo I figured the best place to wait was the pool itself, so I got back in. I was alone for five minutes before the rain stopped and a pack of girls from another school came down. They were all wearing bikinis and we had a great time talking.

There was a point where I was alone in the hot tub and they were all in the pool playing a game. I turned on the bubbles and figured I’d slip my speedo off. And needless to say, it felt wonderful.

I pulled it completely off and set it on the stair and just crouched in the center of the hot tub, relishing the feeling of pure freedom in water. But just a few minutes later some of the girls came back and I quickly pulled my speedo back on. It was a close call.

Fast forward to the next day. We’ve gone and done a bunch of stuff that day and everyone was at the pool again. It got late so everyone began heading back. I pretended I was going back but instead turned around and got back into the pool again. This time, I had all eight feet of depth to work with.

I got a full 30 minutes of quality skinny dipping time, which I will remember to this day. The feeling of weightlessness and freedom being naked gives you is unlike anything I’d ever experienced. I never told anyone about that, and I haven’t had the opportunity to skinny dip again, but you can be sure that it wasn’t my last foray into the wonderful world of naked swimming. And maybe next time I’ll bring a friend or two with me as well?

Sounds like you learned to do it right at a young age, Caleb! Thanks for sending this.



  1. Wonderful!

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