Is it legal for 13 year old boy and girl (NOT brother and sister) to go skinny dipping?

AND DONT GET ME CRAP ABOUT BEING TOO YOUNG! We arent going to like have sex.


  1. NYjonasbaby12 says

    Ya, where are you going to be doing this. And you should tell your parents and the person your doing this withs parents. But why would you want to do this? Its my opinion that i think your both too young, but honestly you can do what you would like. It isn’t illegal from what I know.

  2. bunnies{free palestine} says

    It’s only illegal if you are trespassing.

  3. not at all…no laws about it just make sure its not in a public swimming area or on private property

  4. mstarnoyfb says

    its not illeagal, but ur parents will have field day telling u off if u get caught

  5. HAHA. Yes, it is perfectly legal, as long as it is a private residence and not a public pool. I enjoy skinny dipping and theres nothing wrong with it.

    Have fun!! 😀

  6. Silly Goose says

    You have to make sure it is on your own property in a fenced in area. If others can see you it can be indecent exposure. Plus please make sure that there are no pedophiles watching or in the area. Check out to see if any live around you. Please be careful, and make sure you trust this guy not to rape you.

  7. technically i would think so, if any adults or such were watching they could get arrested but since you are both minors you cant get in that much trouble, just dont do it in public (its a charge called public indecency)

  8. Yeah its illegal, if your parents are watching.

  9. there are lots of places like nudist resorts and beaches where people go with their families to go swimming, so it is not illegal, as long as its in a safe area, and private.

  10. it is legal, but what difference does it make if she is your sister or not?

  11. Tobias Solomon says

    It’s better to do this at night instead of the day. In day time ppl could see you doing it. At nighttime, no ones gonna know

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