Is it normal for sims to randomly die in public in the sims 3?

What the hell happened? So. My sim is a celebrity in late night, and master at guitar. The first occurence, I was at some dudes party skinny dipping.
The host. Of the party said I was behaving innapropiately. I look away for one second and I hear this scary music
The guy in the pool with me just died. I don’t know how, but the host blamed my sim and asked him to leave

Second and most recent occurence. I invited an old best friend over to befriend her and ask her to form a band. We got along very well and she was my best friend again. She had 5 star celebbrity points. She rejected my offer…then she went to get a drink from my kitchen and all of a sudden, she turned to dust and died. What the hell? Everyone around me is dying, and im? A celebrity. I can’t take this kind of rep. Does this kind of thing happen? Jeez..she was my best friend too


  1. It’s a bug, sadly. And better turn off your speakers. Scary music IS scary.

  2. Pluse </>DTS</> says

    Huh I have never had this happen to me when I played. I think it may be a bug I would look on the Sims site and see if there is a patch you need to download.

  3. Coukd be a bug, it’s happend to me. Or the people could have been vampires that died because of the sunlight????

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