It Felt Good!

Jack sent in this nice memory of a great experience:

When I was 16, I was staying at our summer home in Colorado. There was a long river within walking distance of my house.

One time when I was just walking because I was bored, I got the slight feeling of “hey, there’s no one around.” This progressed to me wanting to skinny dip. The thrill and feeling was so sexy to me.

So I got within 15 feet of the river, took off my clothes, and walked the remaining 15 feet to the river, naked! I loved how the sun felt on my nude body and especially my butt. So I walked into the river then dived in and the feeling was so exhilarating. I loved the way the water felt on my body.

So after 10 minutes I got out and sadly put my clothes back on then went back to the house. This was like the third day of a 10 day stay so I skinny dipped about 10 more times that trip. Even twice a day maybe.

Thanks, Jack! Sometimes the simplest experiences are the best.


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