Itching to Skinny Dip

CeeJay sent in this story about finally scratching that skinny dipping itch:

Getting naked is something I always loved doing. There is just something about swimming naked that gets me so thrilled about everything, not to mention how great it feels. 

Last summer, there’s this nude beach that I wanted to try out. I wanted to go skinny dipping so bad since there’s not really any lakes or rivers near me where I can skinny dip.

So I went on a little adventure by myself commuting with the bus to get downtown to board the ferry that takes me to the island where the nude beach is. But once I got to the ferry station, there was a sign that said the nude beach was temporally closed because of flooding on the island.  I was kinda bummed, but that didn’t stop me. I wanted to skinny dip so bad that day. 

So I still took the ferry and went to the island, taking me to a public/small beach that required me to be clothed. Once I got to the beach, I swam far off and deep into the ocean where no one was around me anymore.  I took off my underwear and threw it on this rock, finally skinny dipping. The beach wasn’t crowded at all, so I had lots of space to myself to swim freely with no one watching me. It felt amazing swimming around with no one stopping me. 

After 20 min of butt-naked swimming, the sun went away and the water started to get chilly. I found my wet, abandoned underwear and threw it back on and swam back to shore. I dried off on the sand for about 10 minutes, then made the walk back to the ferry dock and decided to just go back home. Still worth it, as I finally got the chance to go skinny dipping hehe.

Indeed it was, CeeJay! Nice story about not letting anything get in the way of a good dip!


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