Learning about Skinny Dipping

Clark sent this nice story about the cousin who taught him about skinny dipping:

My female cousin and I, a male, were relaxing in a hot tub in my grandparents’ backyard. Lots of our family was around, but none of them were really paying attention to us.

My cousin mentioned that she wanted to skinny dip, but at the time, I had never heard the term before, so she had to explain it to me. She told me that it meant getting to swim naked, and that she frequently skinny dipped with her mom and brother. I was always told that I had to wear swim trunks whenever I was in the water, so I found this new idea very exciting.

She then decided to demonstrate. She was wearing a bikini and she didn’t want anyone else to know what she was doing, so she decided to just take off her bottoms. She quickly slipped them off, laughing quietly while she did so. I glanced under the water, but she got embarrassed and quickly covered her privates with her hand.

Red in the face, she told me to take off my trunks so she wouldn’t feel weird doing it alone. I felt a flurry of emotions; excitement, nervousness, fear that someone else would see me, but at her insistence, I obliged. I slowly untied the front of my trunks and pulled them down to my ankles. It was thrilling; getting to feel refreshing water flow around my body with nothing in the way.

My cousin immediately ducked her head under the water to see if I had really done it, but since this  was the first time somebody had seen me in anything less than a bathing suit, I got embarrassed and tried to cover up myself with my hands. The excitement of the experience, however, made my privates too large to cover up, and she came out of the water laughing that she still saw everything despite my best efforts. I laughed too, and we were finally comfortable enough to just relax without the need to cover ourselves up.

Until somebody else wanted to get into the hot tub with us, at which point we put our swimsuits back on as fast as we could. And we had to keep them on for the rest of the day, since we knew most of our family would not have been comfortable with any exposed privates. But the experience opened me up to the concept that nudity can be acceptable. My parents were never comfortable with that idea, but from that day on, whenever I was alone in a pool, I wouldn’t be wearing a thing. It also brought me a lot closer to my cousin. We were never shy around each other ever again, and I would skinny dip with her, her mom, and her brother whenever I was with them at their house.

All of this certainly influenced my nudist tendencies later in life, and I couldn’t be happier about it.

That’s great, Clark! Thanks for sending this in.

– Jen


  1. This story sounds real for sure as normally the 1st time is nervous/thrilling at same time when your with someone friend or cousin etc. First time swimming naked and viewing each other private areas etc. Like your story.

  2. Cousins are often the first people of the opposite sex we get to see naked. It is often opportunity and comfort level that allows it to happen. It also creates a special bond with them.

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