legalish scavenger hunt?

We plan on doing some crazy ass things.
Its goings to be minimum 6 groups of 4. 20$ a group and who ever complete the most tasks and get the most points wins and gets the pot.
Need more ideas ( no little stuff)
Ideas so far:
Runnig half a mile in just your underwear
Gonig to the beach and hitting on some guys/girls boyfriend or girlfriend.
Go ask for a condom
Go ask for lube
Ride a cow, smack its ass
skinny dipping in a restricked area
Eat sardines
Flash someone/ or get flashed
get bra or panties from an older person ( diapers are allowed to)
get a cop to hit you with his stick
pet a monkey
play tricks with a homeless person ( but then give them money for feeling bad)


  1. can think of any but i got a few good ones…

    ask a stranger to marry them ( get down on one knee and say "i love you, will you marr me?" to a random person )

    steal a ball from some sport that is in the middle of a game ( like while 2 soccer teams are playing run out on the feild grab there ball and run away)

    ride a big person for 10 seconds (find a random big person and jump on there back and try not to let them shake you off for 10 seconds)

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