Liberty Fountain, Paris Skinny Dip

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Here’s one we got from Caleb:

My family all went on a month long vacation in Paris, France when I was 14 (I’m 16 now). All us kids got to bring a friend so there was a bunch of us. My dad’s only rule on the trip was that we obey instantly or spend the rest of the vacation in the hotel room with an au pair (kind of baby sitter in French, I think).

My guest was my girlfriend at the time. We’d never done more than closed lips kiss goodnight at the end of a date. I was totally innocent.

It was a warm, summer night around 2 am and my dad gave my brother and his friend and me and my girlfriend permission to go out walking near the hotel, which was right next to the a Arc de Triumph.

clothesWe got to the Fountain of Liberty and my brother dared us all to skinny dip since there was no one around. I assumed my girlfriend would just say no and that would be it… but NO!  She got a gleam in her eye and said “let’s do it!”

So we all stripped and went in (it’s only about two feet deep) and kind of slithered around like alligators. I instantly got a raging boner when I saw my girlfriend’s boobs and perfect, baby smooth pu**y. I got in fast but I think she saw it first.

We relaxed a bit and she came over and said “so would you be afraid to kiss me?” I tried everything to be cool and not let my d**k brush against her when it was hard but she pulled me close and held on and I slipped right between her legs as we kissed almost instantly.

What we didn’t know was that my bro and friend took our clothes and were hiding in the bushes. They had dressed but my dad had told him to keep an eye on us. Well, my girlfriend got more and more aggressive and before I knew it, we were standing out of the water and she was jacking me off.

I lasted about two minutes and blew a huge one all over her legs. I was SO embarrassed but she just laughed and we swam and kissed some more until she got me right under the fountain in the lights and made it clear this was the big one for us.

My brain was racing. I was so inexperienced and dumb. I didn’t bring a condom or anything.  She got me excited and brushed my d**k against her opening and with only a little effort it popped her cherry and my ‘massive’ 5 inch d**k slid in. She kind of gasped but I had no clue what just happened. It was so amazing. In the end, I came like I’d never felt anything so great before and she liked it but I lasted too long and made her sore.

At this point, we thought we better find my bro and get back and then realized our clothes were gone and we were alone! We were both horrified. I talked a homeless guy into loaning me his shirt, which I let my girlfriend wear, but it was way too small so she just held it like an apron.

She then found that my bro left our room key… so we just had to get six blocks to the tourist’s hotel in a well lit area, cross a busy (always) and staffed lobby, ride up four floors in an elevator and down 100 feet of hall to my room, and her’s next door. That’s when my bro popped out and told us if we wanted our money and clothes that we had to dance then make out (that got me hard again, darnit!) then do stupid things all the way back to the hotel.

Once we were in view of the front doors, they took off and left us. We were yelled at by the desk manager, had tiny towels thrown at us by the night concierge and chased into the elevator by some guy who had a hotel uniform. Deeply humiliated, we just ran down the hall past some of the other guests giggling so it would seem like a childish prank (not!) and got to my room and we decided she could come in and borrow some sweats.  I put the card in and opened the door and the light went on and everyone in our family and friends was there pointing and laughing. I lost my hard on.

After some good natured teasing, we were allowed to dress and finally discovered the truth. My parents had set us up (not the sex part, they would have FREAKED OUT!) but they did the same thing when they were young and walking around Europe. Their adventure ended when the desk clerk refused to allow them into the lobby and called the cops. They spent the night in just blankets and shame. So, they thought it would be funny if… (can’t wait until I have kids some day.)

They got you good! Good story!


  1. My much belated comments….

    Finally got some time to read more of these stories posted so many years ago (thank you, Jen!). I’ve noticed that so many of these skinny dipping “adventures” seem to happen to fourteen-year-olds. It was exactly the same for me. So… what is it about being fourteen that makes us so lucky, or so bold, that we “discover” skinny dipping? I got a kick of of Caleb’s story – especially because, when I was fourteen, I was also in France (Melun, just SE of Paris) as an exchange student. Unfortunately, I did not get to skinny dip there, but I did get to see my first naked female (my exchange buddy’s eleven-year-old sister), an experience that was burned into my teen brain as was my first skinny dipping experience later that year (back in the States). Ahh, the memories (both still well “burned in). If anyone’s reading this, whether you’re 14 or 44 (or older, like me), if you’ve not yet tried skinny dipping, you need to – you NEED to!!! Skinny dipping will remind you that you’re ALIVE!

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