Mom I Was Asleep!

A story from Nate:

400_4560724I was 10 or 12 and I had gotten home on the last day of school, yes! The first thing I did was go take a nap.

Little did I know my best friend’s sisters (17 and 15) were swimming in their pool… naked! My buddy, Jake, barged in and woke me up and we went to the tree house… what a view!

Then his sisters saw us… damn it! They wrapped themselves up in towels and came over. Oh, crap! Then the best thing happened… they told us to come over!

We said ok and went to go over to get our trunks on but they stopped us. His oldest sister grabbed him and threw him in the pool.

After a big fight over if we had to take our cloths off, we lost.

We invited my friend, Wyatt, over and my girl friend. We all just screwed around.

We all went home after that. My mom came home and looked pissed. She said Jake’s mom called and told her what we did.

After trying to convince her I was asleep that whole time (I lost), I got grounded for the rest of the month… but it was worth it. That was most likely the BEST DAY OF MY LIFE!

Yeah, parents seem to work together and help each other out – you’ll be there one day but have fun for now!



  1. I don’t understand what the fuss was all about. I used to lay in the sun for an all over tan when I noticed the neighbor boy watching me. He was 13 me I was 12. We would spend the summer in the sun that year. Mom knew and she didn’t say anything but keep your head!
    We moved that winter but it was the best summer ever!

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