More Mud, Please!

Brian sent in this, well, ode to mud:

Some of the best skinny-dipping experiences I’ve had have involved mud. This summer was no different.

I went to Louisiana Mudfest several times to camp out. There were so few people that I was able to go naked most of the time. I found a great series of deep red clay mudholes that had been worked over by 4 wheelers. It was a very cool feeling swimming and laying in that soupy red clay.  At night I would go nude and play in some of the deeper bigger mudholes.

Earlier in the year I was working near Ft. Fisher, NC. When the tide goes out there it exposes a vast area of mud flats in the marsh behind the beach. I convinced one of my female co-workers to go with me. She loved it . Naked mudsliding all afternoon.

Unfortunately no skinny dipping on the beach. Too many people, but I wore the tiniest G String possible and she went topless in a thong.  Best day ever.

Thanks, Brian! Sounds like mud could make the hotter and muddier days in the South more bearable!


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