My Crazy Naked Adventure!

Jane sent in this reckless but totally awesome story about one last skinny dipping adventure last fall:

My name is Jane, I’m 22 and I have a wonderful confession. Over the last few years I have been getting more and more reckless with my skinny dipping. I love the rush I get by the possibility of getting caught naked by complete strangers. So, this last fall, on one of the last warm weekends my parents were away for a few days, and I had the idea to have one last crazy naked adventure of the year!

I had a light white summer dress that was getting worn and I had been meaning to get rid of, so on that fateful day I changed into that with absolutely nothing on underneath. I still live with my parents, out in the country a bit. But the beach in question was just outside of the city. I left the house and triple checked that my spare key was still in its hidden spot before I left. It was getting on in the afternoon and a half-hour walk to the beach. I was starting to get really excited and nervous. When I made it down to the beach I had a few hours of sunlight left. I walked through the trees down to the beach and it was completely deserted!

My plan had been to go down to the beach and get rid of my clothes so that I would have to get back to home butt naked, gosh-damn the consequences. I was just beginning to get nervous when I got hold of myself, forced myself not to be reasonable, and tore off my dress as fast as I could.

The warm sun against my skin was wonderful. I felt free and on top of the world. But I was still holding my dress in my hand and I knew I had to get rid of it for good. Now the nervousness was gone and I was just gleefully and mischievously excited running around naked. I found a rock about the size of my fist, wrapped it in my dress and started swimming out into the water. I swam out a way, till I knew it was too deep to find it again, balling the dress and rock up I let it sink down into the water.

Fully titillated and adrenaline rushing, I turned to swim back and saw a family setting up their beach blanket right by the pathway I had come from. I started to swim back at an angle so I’d get back to the beach a ways away from them. My limbs were starting to feel like jelly from all the excitement, but swimming naked in public I felt so exposed and just kinda naughty. I made it back to shore, a few hundred feet away from the other beachers, when I heard one of their kids shout “Mama! Is that person naked?”

I froze. I looked over, and although I was a little ways away I saw that more people had set up on the beach past the family. Without thinking I turned my back to them and ran down the beach as fast as my legs would carry me. I ran till they were just blobs in the distance. Exhausted I collapsed in the sand and started laughing uncontrollably. The nervousness, the panic, the nakedness… I was just having way too much fun!

I spent the next few hours swimming casually, laying in the sun and rolling around in the sand. As the sun was setting I went for one last swim and then sat on a warm rock as I let the sun’s last rays dry my naked body.

As the sun set it started to cool off, I waited till it got a little darker and then started walking back the way I came. Thankfully the beach was deserted again and aside from running off the road a few times to hide from vehicles I made it home without any incidents. I walked home the whole way without covering myself up once. Though I did run pretty fast past the last stretch of my neighbors’ houses. Thankfully it was very dark by this time.

I got home and warmed myself up in a hot shower and didn’t get dressed again that weekend till I heard my parents in the driveway.

Thanks, Jane! Hopefully you’ll be an inspiration to other adventurous people!



  1. Yes, I’ve done this, as well. Sneak onto the a vacant beach then strip and enjoy the outside. I would even did as you did, Jane, and didn’t put clothes on until my parents came home, though I was younger.

  2. Sounds like an amazing moment and trill. Even if the people on beach seen anything sure was not a big deal. Risk of being caught is worth it.

  3. tinamay twat says

    I love running outside naked then swimming in the nude , in front of everyone, showing off my pussy …..

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