My First Skinny Dip!

Jane sent in this bracing story of her very first time:

This is the story of the first time I ever skinny dipped.

Every year my family goes to Vancouver Island to visit family. They live just outside of Victoria, so we always stay in a hotel right on the ocean about fifteen minutes away. I’ve gotten into running lately, so my family didn’t think anything of it when I said I’d get up the next day at six for a run. I was planning on jumping in the ocean after I was done my run, so the next morning I wore my bikini under my running clothes. My parents are quite strict, so skinny dipping was never even a remote option. Just convincing them to let me buy my first bikini instead of a one-piece was a struggle.

As I left I grabbed a spare room key; everyone was still fast asleep with just a few grunts and roll-overs as I left the room. Once in the lobby I got a quick smile and a wave from a very tired receptionist and then I was out the doors. There was a really nice trail that ran along the beach.

I ran in spurts for about 30 minutes along the coast. The trail ended after a while and I kept making my way along the beach. The sand had ended with the trail and now the rocks were getting bigger and bigger, slowing me down substantially. I decided I had gone far enough, and though the air was brisk I was a hot sweaty mess by this point. The waves were small and lapping the shore invitingly.

My plan had been to jump in the ocean once I got back close to the hotel, but I was so sticky I just couldn’t wait. I sat down on a big rock, pulled off my shoes and stripped down to my bikini and piled all my stuff on top of the rock. I took a few steps towards the ocean, then stopped. The sun was rising and the clouds were a gorgeous shade of pink and it was a truly ethereal moment. Then the mischievous thought crossed my mind to go skinny dipping. All of a sudden my full rebel child came out in me and within twenty seconds of having the thought I had stripped myself naked and was running into the ocean.

It was freezing.

I honestly didn’t know my breasts could get so perky. I forced myself to get far enough out that I could fully submerge myself under the water. And as soon as I did, I raced back to the shore out of the water. I grabbed my shirt and used it to dry myself off as best I could. Unfortunately, it was too cold out to stay naked much longer, though I did frolic about the rocks for a bit longer looking for shells before I had to get dressed again. At risk of getting hypothermia.

I started running quickly to warm myself back up again and once back at the hotel I jumped into the shower to warm myself back up. My toes were freezing! And all I could think about was the thrill of skinny dipping at dawn in the freezing ocean. And I know I most definitely will be skinny dipping again soon!

Ah, running and skinny dipping, two things that go together so very well! Thanks, Jane!



  1. james kahler jr. says

    I would love to go and enjoy the sun shining on my bodyskin all theway at the beach and hope to dip in the water and cool off. Maybe walk the beach where you get respect from people you see naked at beach .And just say hi or hello there and be noticed by someone ..

  2. I live in Victoria BC & have skinny dipped in many of the local lakes on Vancouver Island. Have also skinny dipped in the ocean & I know first hand how freezing cold that can be!! Great story Jane.

  3. Sounds like your skinny dipping was amazing. Hope you feel comfy to do it again. Even if your family is strict about it. Maybe you can show them its not that big of a deal.

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