My First Time At A Nude Beach

Nick sent in this story about stumbling on a nude beach and growing more comfortable:

I had my first nudist experience by accident when I was 16 years old on a family vacation to Long Island, New York. A couple of days into our vacation my family (who are not nudists) decided to go to the beach. The closest beach to us on this part of Long Island was at Robert Moses State Park (we did not know there was a nude beach here, beyond the clothed beach).

I sat around on the beach then played in the surf for a little bit. But after we were there for a couple hours, I decided I needed to get away from my family for a while. So I when for a walk by myself down the beach to a lighthouse that I could see in the distance, maybe a mile or so away.

I was about halfway to the lighthouse and I could see a couple off in the distance; shockingly they looked as if they were completely naked. As I kept walking, I passed a sign that said “you may encounter nude sunbathers beyond this point.” I was intrigued, so I kept walking and as I stared to get closer to the lighthouse I realized that the people were in fact completely naked. I was both intrigued and shocked at the same time by this. Then I started seeing more naked people on the beach. Almost everyone was naked: almost all men were naked and some women were topless, but most people were completely naked. The naked people acted the same as the people on the clothed beach; the only difference was the lack of clothes! I kept walking all the way to the other end of the nude beach and gradually I started to get more comfortable seeing naked people all over the beach.

It was a hot day, so I decided to go for a swim in the ocean to cool off. I still had my swimsuit on. As I was entering the water I realized that everyone else on this section of the nude beach was completely naked. So I swam out into the ocean and started swimming around. I started wondering what it would felt like to swim around in the ocean naked like all the other people on the beach. I was pretty shy back then but after pondering whether or not to give it a try for a couple minutes, I decided what the hell and that I was going to go skinny dipping with other people for the first time in my life. Since I was shy, I figured that I could just take off my swimsuit while I was swimming, and that I could just put it back on before I got out of the water. No one would be able see that I’m naked since most of my body would be underwater and if someone did somehow catch a glimpse of my penis it’s a nude beach and everyone else is naked here too.

So I reached down, untied the knot to the string in my swimming trunks and slid off my swimsuit and held them in my hand the whole time I was swimming. It felt completely awesome to swim naked in the ocean with the waves around you on areas of your body that you have never felt it on before; it was a great experience. After swimming for a while, I started to forget I was naked in the ocean and it began to feel normal and natural and I also stared to get braver as I got more comfortable being naked in the ocean. I started to swim closer to shore and the water got shallow enough to walk in the water, so I began walking around in the surf and came near other naked people that were in the ocean.

As I continued to get closer to shore the waves started crashing around me, every now and then exposing the fact that I was naked to the other people swimming. But no one cared! After spending about 15 minutes completely naked in the ocean it was hard to see why we wear swimsuits while swimming at all. At this point I realized that I had been gone for about an hour, and needed to go back to where my family was, on the clothed section of the beach. I started trying to put my swimming trunks back on in the surf and get out of the water, but the large ocean waves kept hitting me and knocking me around and it was very hard to put my swimming trunks back on in the surf.

So I decided that it would be much easier to just get out of the water and put my swimming trunks back on the beach, since after all everyone else was naked on the beach here too. So I walked out of the ocean naked, still holding my swimming trunks in my hand. I was now standing completely naked on the beach for the first time in front of other naked people. And no one noticed that I was now naked! I stood there on the beach naked for a minute and ringed out my swimming trunks and was about to put them back on, but my feet were very sandy after walking out of the ocean and on to the beach. I did not want to get all that sand inside my swimming trunks and walk about a mile in wet, sandy swimming trunks. As I was cleaning the sand off my feet to put my swim trunks back on, I started to feel more comfortable being naked on the beach and I started to enjoy being naked here. Sense it felt so great to be naked on the beach I decided that I could just wait a little bit to put my swimsuit back on and enjoy being naked on the nude beach for a little bit longer.

I was all the way to the opposite end of the nude beach and needed to start walking back to where my family was on the clothed section of the beach. My body was now almost dry, So I got the brave idea to walk back across the nude section of the beach while still naked, holding my swimming trunks in my hand as they finished drying off. I started walking down the beach naked and it felt a little strange at first to walk naked past some clothed people here and there, but they didn’t seem to be phased by one more naked person on the beach. But it was great: I could feel the sun and ocean breeze all over my naked body as the sun warmed me up. When I got back to the sign at the start of the nude beach I had to put my now-dry swimming trunks back on. By the end of that walk I was ready to stay naked all day!

I got back to where my family was on the beach and no one was the wiser about my naked adventure.

After we got back from the vacation I looked up where the nude beach I found was on the internet and found out that I ended up stumbling upon Lighthouse Nude Beach.

Thanks, Nick! I love that you had such a great experience your first time!


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