My First Time, Hot Tub Edition

Michael sends along this tidbit from his first time:

My senior class for a school trip got to go to a lake resort with a sweet hot tub. We spent most of the day in there and talked about skinny dipping, but it never happened.

I always wanted to skinny dip in a public pool, but a hot tub will do. So once everyone went inside for the night and went to sleep I snuck back down to the hot tub area. I took off my clothes and relaxed for about ten minutes completely naked but got scared and left after that. Sadly no one join me but maybe next time.

I’m sure there will be a next time! Thanks for sharing

– Jen


  1. My friend was having his 15th birthday this summer in August, a week after mine and so he wanted to do something cool. His father was the owner of a public pool but closed on Sundays. My friend’s birthday was in a Sunday and he convinced his father to let us use his pool. Now in Michigan, we don’t have the hottest summers but me and a couple of friends got to swim in the pool. But then it got funnier, we all threw away our bathing suits and skinny dipped. It was new to me as i didn’t skinny dip before that, we also showered together and my I even tried to hide my friend’s clothes. Hope to do it next year

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