My First Time

KJ sent in this nice memory of the first time, during those innocent days of college:

I went to a school that was near the ocean. Most of the neighborhood is rented out to college students. During the nearly month-long break between the fall and spring semesters, I was living in the rented house and working during the day, but my roommates had gone home. And most of the neighborhood was was empty since the students were gone.

One night, I was outside on my balcony when I noticed two girls running down the street; they appeared to be naked. I stupidly flipped on the lights to get a better look, and they noticed and hid behind some bushes. I asked them what they were doing and they said they were going skinny dipping. I asked if they minded if I joined them and they said sure.

We ran down to the beach without clothes and went into the water, although since it was only the middle of January, we didn’t go all the way in. We ran back to my house and went inside to warm up. They ended up having some hot chocolate with me while I found some blankets for them to keep warm, since they had left all of their clothes at home. This was the first time that I viewed nudity as non-sexual and could just have a fun time being naked.

A couple of nights later, we had a big snow storm and I ended up rolling around in the snow naked by myself and did some naked snow angels.

About 10 years after I graduated, I ended up going to a nudist resort in my state and haven’t looked back. Being naked is fun.

I never did see those girls again though. 🙁

What a great start to a life of skinny dipping! Thanks for sharing your story, KJ.


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