my friends and i are looking for pranks and crazy stuff to make our last summer rock. any ideas?

we’ve tried "blotting", skinny dipping etc.
last summer being our last summer as teenagers. we just graduated and want to make this summer the most memorable before college.


  1. take a few codene based painkillers and get drunk
    skinny dipping,no. try streaking across the dance floor
    steal a car
    screw a fat chick
    walk up to the hottest girl you can find with her boyfriend and start chatting her up right there in front of him
    go to the beach lay your mate down in the sand with nothing but his board shorts cover him in hot chips make him lay still till the seagulls are finished
    go hunting but instead of being the hunter be the hunted choose a victim and chase him round the woods with paintball guns
    go to church

  2. MiSS MONiCA=] says

    LAST summer?u guys can snow board?haha my mind isnt rlly working tht good rite now….

  3. smartblond48 says

    Let me polish off this 26er of ‘Jack’ and I’ll get back to you on that …………………………… OKAY; here we go. Take some heavy string and tie all the car antennas together in a parking lot at night. Bars are great places to do this. Then just sit back and watch the FUN..

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