My Skinny Dipping Summer

Nate wrote in to share this life-changing story:

To start things off, I love skinny dipping. Feels great! I do it all the time during the warmer seasons in my pool. But I wanted to share with y’all the summer that started it all.

I was 14 at the time. With me was my best friend, who for privacy reasons we’ll call Brian, and his older brother, who we’ll call Jason, who was 16 at the time.

As I said, it was summer, and we were bored. Sure, swimming and Mario Kart were fun, but it was starting to get old. That’s when we decided to make things more interesting.

It started with bets and dares here and there. Just ways to make the games we played more interesting. When we decided on a bet that whoever lost the next round of Mario Kart had to jump in my backyard pool naked, we were all in.

It was a tough race, but in the end, I had lost. So we all headed into the backyard, two of us in swimming trunks, one of us soon to be naked.

It took mustering up some courage, for a few reasons. Firstly, I would be the only one naked, which was kind of embarrassing. Secondly, it would be outside. I had to take off my trunks BEFORE jumping in, meaning I would be standing outside naked for a moment. And finally, because, to get into my pool, you had to climb up and over a ladder to jump in. So it felt like I was completely exposed above the world, everyone being able to look at me naked from below lol. But eventually, I managed.

I quickly pulled down my trunks, and through the laughter of my friends, climbed up the ladder and jumped in. They jumped in after me, so we were all in the pool.

I thought I’d be more uncomfortable, but I found that swimming naked actually felt pretty good. And after some convincing, I managed to get them to take off their trunks too. That’s how we all ended up skinny dipping that day. It was great just hanging out in the nude.

After that day, basically anytime I was home alone during the summer, I’d strip off and jump in my pool butt naked. Even after swimming, I’d just dry off and hang out naked the whole day until my parents got back from work.

Fast forward years later, and this is something I still do to this day lol. Who would’ve thought a silly bet from a friend would turn me basically into a nudist lol.

Aaaand that’s my story. Hope y’all enjoyed!

Thanks, Nate! We did. I love me a good origin story!


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