My Whole Skinny Dipping Experience

Eric sent this great memoir of a life well spent (skinny dipping):

So I’m 36, been skinny dipping for 17 years, not every time I swim, but a solid 2/3rds. I want to be tasteful, so buckle up, this could be a long ride.

My first dip was in 1999, the day before I turned 19, pretty sure at least. It was at my apartment complex’s swimming pool. It was empty, sundown, and just me. I wondered what skinny dipping felt like, so I slipped off my trunks and swam around the nearby area of the pool. It was so freeing and felt super comfortable and natural, but it was not my best experience dipping, as I was very attentive.

I hadn’t dipped again until mid-late 2000. I was with my girlfriend (who’s now my wife ♥) at her parents’ vacation house. We’ll call her Madison (she’s not comfortable about her real name being on the Internet). Her parents weren’t there, but were fine with her using the house as long as she kept it clean and had no parties. We’d been dating for 7 or 8 months, depending if it was July or August when this happened. She approached me in her bathrobe and asked me if I wanted to swim, and she said she was going to swim regardless. So I told her to hold up and I’ll be right down at the lake behind the house. I changed into my trunks and walked down to the mini fishing dock with her, where she was waiting on a bench for me. She took her robe off, and I was under initial shock. She was naked, fully naked. I’d only seen her naked twice before this, both on accident. It was weird, and put me in an awkward situation. I took off my robe and then my trunks, and she made fun of me for wearing trunks. I told her that she said swimming and not skinny dipping.

“This is swimming.” she said. “Well, this is REAL swimming at least.”

We swam for about an hour, made out a bit, but never got physical.

After that, I only dipped with her, because there was no place I could really do it privately after we decided to live together on college campus. We dipped in that lake every few months or so.

Not much action until ’03, my favorite year of all time, not only because Madison and I got married, but because of other reasons I won’t get into to stay on topic. For our honeymoon, we went to a nude resort. We were only there six days, pretty short for a honeymoon, short for a honeymoon, but we were still fresh college grads and excited to have the rest of our lives ahead of us (Class of ’02!!) Anyways, swimsuits were downright banned at pools at this resort, but were required in hot tubs (the water is warm, and “you know” can swim around in the water and cause an accidental pregnancy). Madison and I were naked pretty much the whole time, we only left the resort grounds once, which was the only time we had clothes on after checking into our room. We swam in the ocean instead of the pools, and dipping in the ocean feels amazing. (For dippers who have never been to a clothing optional resort, there are some online articles that can give you first time advice, but one thing I heavily recommend, bring sunscreen if you’re afraid of burns. Madison used hers and got a huge laugh seeing me get mega burnt.)

We went into a mini lazy river at the resort au naturale. It was really fun, but not much else happened regarding swimming while we were there.

In ’04, we had a very awkward experience dipping. It was late at night, like 1:30 AM, really late. We were in our apartment complex’s pool. (This was different from the original one I dipped in. We would dip late at night when nobody was awake, and we weren’t loud and playful in the pool.) But then a family randomly came in. It was a mother, grandmother, and two kids. I was mad about the fact they interrupted our heavy romantic makeout session, but Madison reminded me in a panicked whisper.

“We’re butt NAKED in this pool and there are kids in here!”

We couldn’t get up and just leave, these kids would see everything. We maneuvered our way to the deep part of the pool, and after 30 minutes this family was still hyperactive and showed no interested in leaving. Eventually Madison just told me, “Yeah, this is getting ridiculous. I have to work tomorrow afternoon.” Then she climbed out of the pool, putting her towel on (we didn’t bring our suits since we wouldn’t be using them, dumb, I know). The mother of the children says something in an angry tone, something like
“Were you two really doing that, when there were KIDS in the pool?”

I run out of the pool after Madison and put on my towel while I keep saying “Sorry!”

By ’07, we bought our own house and made sure to have a pool. It was fenced off, so we didn’t have to be so private. This was the peak of our skinny dipping action, we would swim at least three times a week. Some of the best nights in my life were just lying in one of the rafts next to Madison as we would gaze at the stars for hours. It kinda seemed like a fantasy if I’m honest.

Regardless, this is our routine now, we still dip weekly in our pool. We’re 36 now, still happily married. No kids, they’re out of the picture. Couldn’t have asked for a better life up to this point.

Thanks for sharing those memories, Eric! It’s nice to hear how skinny dipping has enriched your life so nicely!



  1. Nice story, you think where the grandma came out with kids you would think grandma would see 2 people swimming naked wanting some privacy would have kids go back in so these 2 can have private fun together. Story was great.

  2. 36 years old and your kids are out of the picture??

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