Naked and Crazy

Jane sent in another epic story of skinny dipping and more!

It’s Jane here again, and I have been loving summer so far!

I’m taking some accelerated courses at university over the summer and I’ve been way too stressed out over those lately. I figured it’s been too long since I had a good crazy stupid naked adventure, so I got to scheming while I’ve been stuck at school. I came up with the outline as follows:

1. Spend the upcoming weekend entirely naked.
2. Make sure complete strangers see me and
3. Do something publicly that normal people do with clothes on.

(I’ve clearly been in school too long judging by my list making!)

Fast forward two weeks, I decided to go camping in a campsite four hours drive away. I got to the turnoff to go up the logging road, pulled over, got naked, got rid of my clothes (I wore old work clothes on purpose for that) and carried on. I hadn’t packed a stitch of clothes and I would have to return home like that, but thankfully I don’t live with my parents anymore. I got to the campsite about half an hour later; my skin was sticking to the seat from the heat. The campground was packed. Thankfully I had reserved my spot online and was able to park my car at the site.

I admit that I cheated to start, parking my car so it basically blocked the view from most of the other campsites. It was Friday night and by the time I got the tent put up the stars were lighting up the sky. I went for a midnight swim and strode confidently through the campground; everyone was asleep, that’s why. But it was so titillating knowing I was so close to so many people while being completely naked. I went to sleep having no idea what the next day was going to look like.

My first spotting was while I was cooking breakfast. I was cooking eggs on the grill I had set up on the picnic table when I heard whispering and laughing. I soon spied some young boys, maybe fourteen or fifteen hiding out in the trees. I was subtle though and pretended I hadn’t seen them. I ate my breakfast and laid out my blanket to suntan for a while in a nice sunny spot, leaving all of my assets out for them to see.

After an hour or so I decided to put some sunscreen on, and getting up to my car I heard plenty of rustling as they tried to get out of sight. They had snuck closer, and it sounded like there were at least three of them. I imagine they got a pretty good show as I covered myself in sunscreen lotion. I may have worked it in for a little longer than was necessary on my breasts, but I decided to reward those boys’ bravery. Then, walking straight towards where they were hiding, I decided to meet my admirers. They were like startled ducklings! They darted back and forth, wanting to run but not knowing where to go, and I was laughing so hard they just sort of stopped. It was three boys and a girl, two sets of siblings I soon found out while talking to the girl, Kassi. The boys were far too bashful to say much, and kept their hands balled up in their pockets to hide the evidence. Their parents had gone for a hike nearby and would most likely be back in the afternoon sometime. They were going to spend the day at the beach and exploring. It had actually been the girl who had seen me first, and had rounded up the boys to see the show, the hallmark of a true friend right there. I sent them on their way, them with a lot of backwards glances as they left.

I spent most of the day a ways down past the beach. I brought my blanket and book and a few drinks and snacks and wasn’t bothered by anyone all afternoon. Swimming and drying off in the sun, relaxing in the shade, all completely naked, it was heavenly!

I eventually decided to head back to my campsite. As I walked up the beach I turned a few heads, but most didn’t notice as I was carrying all my stuff and had my beach blanket over my shoulder. I saw the four teenagers lying on their towels; they quickly elbowed each other when they saw me coming. I lifted my sunglasses and gave them a quick wink and a smile as I passed by. One of the boys, Victor, let out a “hey Jane” quite casually as I passed. I was actually rather proud of him. Walking through the trees of the campsite I don’t think anyone else noticed me.

After drinking a lot of water, I made supper as it was already that time and everyone else was already cooking and the smell made me hungry. I spent a quieter evening after that. I started a campfire and sat staring into it and thinking for quite a while. All four teenagers came by as it was starting to get dark with a deck of cards and asked if I wanted to hang out for a bit. I was delighted, it was fun watching them try to be normal in front of me while I was naked. In a weird way I felt like a mentor, helping them get over the cultural stigma around the human body. And I must admit, it was very flattering how many times I caught them staring. We laughed and played cheat and slap for over an hour before one of the boys got a text from their parents saying they were wanted back at their campsites. They waved goodbye and I was left on my own again.

I got to thinking as I set back to staring into the flames, wrapping a blanket over my back and leaving my front open to the fire. Tomorrow was Sunday morning and everyone would be heading out during the morning, myself included. I wanted one more naked adventure before I left.

The next morning when I got up, the sun was out. Looking out at the campsite, a few people were awake, mostly dads starting on breakfast while there families were sleeping. Perfect. With nothing in hand–I had decided prior to leaving that a towel would be too easy of a cop out–I strode straight through the middle of the campground to the showers, which were on the far side of the campground. I refused to make eye contact with anyone and just tried to act like I was going for a nice morning stroll. I did see a number of shocked looks out of the corner of my eye and I heard at least two people drop whatever they were holding.

I made it to the showers and once inside I burst out laughing. I was enjoying this so much! I had a long hot shower, making sure I gave everyone plenty of time to wake up. Once I was done I wrung out my hair and wiped myself off as best as I could with my hands. For some reason, this time I was rather nervous and jittery with excitement. I looked down and the ladies were standing very much to attention. I took a deep breath and strolled out of the showers. This time there were people talking and the birds were chirping a little more loudly so I felt less in the spotlight then I thought I would. Regaining my confidence I strolled back to my campsite; almost every campsite I walked by stopped talking and either stared or awkwardly pretended I wasn’t there. One woman covered her twelve-ish year-old son’s eyes and gave me a very dirty look; I smiled back and gave a little wave. I made it back, though I didn’t see my teen-aged friends on the route that I took.

After breakfast I started packing up and the four teenagers came by to say goodbye. Andrew, Kassi’s brother looked sheepish and said that he and the other boys deleted the photos they had taken on their phones of me naked before I had caught them the morning before. I was so proud that I hugged him right there, and then each of the other boys and told them I was very proud of them. And judging by their pants they were very happy by getting hugged by a naked 24 year old. I gave Kassi a hug and she whispered that she had made them delete the photos and admit to it. I gave her a knowing wink and said to the boys that they just proved chivalry isn’t dead. I decided to make their day and told them I wanted to take a group selfie, and I took a picture with them on each of their phones with my ladies fully displayed. We hugged again and said our goodbyes and waved as they left.

I packed up and headed out, and as I was driving through the campsite I saw the lady who had given me the dirty look and covered her son’s eyes. I made sure to smile and wave vigorously enough to get my breast moving noticeably. I got the stare of death. It made me a little too happy.

I got down to the highway and was cruising on my naked road trip back. I had a couple more adventures on the way home, mainly having to fill up with gas naked. I nearly locked my keys in the car, which would’ve been dreadful. Also, going through the drive-thru naked was really fun. The boy handing the food to me looked like his eyes were going to pop out of his head. I don’t think he looked at my face once!

Then I made it home and had to get ready for another week of classes.

More naked adventures to come, promise.

P.S. I got FB friend requests within days of getting home from all four of those teenagers.

Thanks, Jane! Quite the adventure, and you sowed some nice seeds of being comfortable in one’s body.



  1. Graham Jackson says

    What a fun story! Thankyou for sharing.

  2. Nothing wrong with camping in the nude and sounds like the 3 teens also enjoyed the view. IT shows them that nudity is nothing to be ashamed of or dirty at all. Nudity and sex are 2 different things. The human body is beautiful.

  3. Man, I wish I’d been there!!

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