Naked at Hotel

Elisa sent in this great story, one of the best in a while!

My name is Elisa, and this happened when I was 19 years old.

I still live with my parents, but they send me away for college, I always go back for vacations. Anyway, there was this trip we did to the beach, since my dad was having a conference from his work. The conference was at night, so my parents wouldn’t be coming back to the hotel until very late, so I stayed in the room we hired.

There was nothing interesting on TV, and I wasn’t in the mood to check the cellphone. I was dying of boredom, so I figured I would go for a walk through the hotel. I grabbed the card key and left the room, still in my shorts, undershirt, and sandals. I made it all the way down to the lobby from the fifth floor and stayed in there for a while, then decided to swing by the swimming pool. The whole place was deserted, there was no soul around.

I took my sandals off and sat down in the edge of the pool and got my feet wet. It was so relaxing, considering it was hot for being nightfall. I was dying to take a dip, but wasn’t wearing my bikini underneath, and I didn’t want to go all the way back to my room to get it.

That’s when I figured: Why not swim without a bikini? That implied ABSOLUTELY no clothes. The idea was bizarre in a way, I thought it for a few moments, and decided to give in; fortunately there’s wasn’t anyone around to spot me.

I proceed to take off my undershirt and shorts first, leaving myself in just my bra and panties; it’s funny how you feel already naked in your underwear when a bikini reveals even more. After leaving my clothes on a chair, I stripped my bra and panties and left them in the same spot, leaving me stark naked! I took off my sandals and dove in the swimming pool.

It felt so refreshing! My private parts even felt satisfied for not having any clothes that would interfere with the contact of the water. I was doing lots of things, like holding my breath underwater, diving as much as I could, swimming laps, etc. There was a moment I decided to just float face up, watching the beautiful night, and stayed like that for around 10 minutes.

Eventually, I got out from the pool and I was ready to go back to my room, but I realized that I didn’t bring a towel. It was a spur of the moment decision to skinny dip that I never thought of a towel; I had just been worried about going back just for the bikini. Since I didn’t want to put on my clothes while still wet and feel uncomfortable, I would wait until I dried off, and with this hot weather it wouldn’t take so long.

Still, I’m not the kind of girl who’s that patient, and just like I did earlier, I decided to take a walk, stark naked! Another bizarre idea, but the thrill of being around there naked and wet was killing me with excitement! I left my clothes in the same chair and headed directly to the beach. I went to a part where the hotel light couldn’t reach. I was near the ocean, hearing the waves approaching; I felt several times the water reach my feet. For a moment I thought about taking another dip, this time in the ocean, but I’m not the best swimmer, so I discarded that idea right away. It was about time to go get my clothes back…

When I finally reached the chair my clothes were gone! I was sure I had left them in that specific chair! Probably this was a typical ‘clothes stolen’ prank, but I didn’t see anyone nearby. He or she must have taken my clothes when I went to the beach. Either way, I was left naked! I had to go back to the hotel room wearing no clothes at all! So then, I began my embarrassing trip back…

I came out from the lobby’s front door, so I figured I had to take the back door, which I did. Once inside, I decided I wouldn’t take the elevator so I wouldn’t run into anyone. I took the stairs, hoping no one would see me there either, covering my private parts in the process. I was getting tired of climbing a lot of stairs, but I was almost there.

I was in the third floor when I heard a door opening coming from above, and was heading downstairs! I had to go back down, and turns out the person was heading for the lobby, so I had to exit the building. Once again, I rushed through the stairs, my legs and feet were killing me by now!

Somehow I made it to the fifth floor, and headed to the corridor. I was about to enter my room when I remembered something important: the card key! It was it my shorts pocket…I was locked out from my room. I panicked at that moment, but then I was like: “oh, what the hell?” The only option was to ask for the receptionist for a new card key, and since I would be exposed, and too tired, I decided to take the elevator.

I could see me in all my naked glory through the elevator’s reflection. At that moment, the elevator stopped in the third floor and opened. There was this woman around my mom’s age that entered the elevator, and she couldn’t hide the laughing; instinctively I covered my parts. She stepped inside asked me if I went skinning dipping, and I awkwardly said yes. She said she did it a lot in her youth, and knew perfectly how I was feeling. She offered me some help, but I told her it was ok, and she put a big grin on her face. After that, we reached the lobby, she wished me luck and left.

Still covering my parts, I headed to the receptionist desk, and he was shocked to see me like this. I told him I had my card key stolen, and I needed a new one. He offered me some clothes, but I declined them; I only wanted to go back to my room before my parents. He gave me the card key, and I turned around towards the elevator, giving the man a good look at my ass. Inside the elevator, it did a stop in the first floor, opening the door for a older man. I stepped aside while covering my parts to let him in, and we didn’t say a word the whole time. I reached my floor and headed to my room, finally!

I was exhausted from the whole episode, so I took a nice relaxing bubble bath. The whole experience was thrilling and exciting! But I never found my clothes, and I didn’t bring any pajamas either. I thought of sleeping naked, but my parents would be mad, and I decided to sleep in my bikini. I told them I went for a night swim and decided to stay like that.

I love it! Well, Elisa, I hope that was the start of a wonderful life of skinny dipping! Maybe in more private places!



  1. I know I’m late to say anything about this one, but in case the story’s author is still reading this…are you sure your clothes weren’t found by a hotel employee and placed in the Lost and Found? It seems to me that a clothes-stolen prank would be unlikely–think about it: You go out to a hotel pool and find some clothing that’s been left on one of the chairs, with no sign of anyone being there. Is your first instinct to assume that someone is skinny dipping and has left, or to assume that someone just forgot some of her stuff when she left the pool (maybe because she went back to her room wearing just the bikini or something)?
    Anyway, in case you do read this, great story!

  2. Sounds like an amazing time. Anytime you skinny dip always risk someone night see you. In my view its worth it. Sure you look amazing.

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