Naked at the Lake

Kat has a story for us about a lake or pond she found:

Hi, my name’s Kat. I’m 18, blonde hair but I occasionally dye it. I have slightly less-than-average breasts and most body hair shaven off. This story happened about two years ago.

I lived in the country at the time surrounded by plenty of trees so it was pretty private. The nearest neighbor being about five or six miles away. There are a few paths running through the woods but they’re usually deserted except for the occasional mountain biker or hiker.

There’s a small lake I found one day about fifty feet or so away from one of the paths so I stayed there skipping some rocks across the water and just relaxing. After about an hour or so, a fun idea came to mind. I should go swimming in it.

At first, just the thought of being completely naked made me blush but, after awhile, I started warming up to the idea.

I looked around to make sure nobody was around me before I began to take off my shoes, yoga pants and tank top – leaving me standing in nothing but my pink bra and panties.

I stood there for a few minutes with adrenaline pumping before finally unclasping my bra and pulling off my underwear. I picked up my clothes and hid them in a tree trunk about twenty meters away as it was the only good place I could find to put them.

After that was done, I walked back to the edge of the lake completely nude and started walking into it. I was doing alright until the water reached my crotch. As soon as I felt it splash against my sensitive areas, I gasped at how cold it felt. I kept going though, determined to make it out deeper.

Once I was finally out deep enough that my feet couldn’t reach the bottom, I started swimming around, doing cartwheels and flips under the water, and floating on my back with my eyes closed and my legs spread apart. It was the most arousing thing I’ve ever done.

After I got out and got my clothes, I decided that since there was nobody in sight I might as well walk back home naked. So I grabbed my stuff and headed off home. After all that, I was still pretty wet, and not from the lake water. That night, I had one of the best orgasms I’ve ever experienced.

I plan on going for a skinny dip again sometime if I can find a secluded place to do it.

Well, it sounds like you’ve got a good place to go for a dip when you want – we’re jealous!

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