Naked Camping Week

Here’s another we got and don’t remember who it was from (we’re cleaning up the archive finally) – enjoy!

Hi Jen, we haven’t seen any new posts lately so I thought I would share one that happened last summer with my wife and another couple.

We have a couple that we do lots of things with we spend most of the summer weekends hanging out together and go camping quite a bit.

This time was a little bit different than the normal camping that we do. My wife and I decided that we wanted to go camping for a week on the ATVs – meaning that we would load up all our gear on the ATVs and not be back to civilization for a week.

We made the plans and decided to ask the couple we camp with if they wanted to join us figuring they would say no they are not the roughing it type.

They thought about it and decided to go so we rounded up another ATV and headed out to the black hills area.

When I had been out snowmobiling there the winter before, I had found a lake back off the path and thought it might be nice back there camping.

We got to a parking spot around 2 pm and decided that the first night we would not go to far out so we could get camp set up and make sure they liked it. Nothing out of the ordinary happened the first night and they seemed to enjoy the camping.

We packed up camp the next morning and headed toward the lake. When we got there, we set up camp and got squared away. The trails were dusty so we were very dirty and the wife of my friend wanted to clean up so she headed toward the lake with a wash cloth and towel

About 30 minutes passed and she came back all cleaned up, so my wife and I went down to clean up.

Now a little background on us – I have been skinny dipping for years and she has recently discovered it as well so we are not shy about our bodies and are definitely not shy around our friends we have been naked around them before.

We stripped down and got in the water and started swimming around when my buddy showed up and noticed our clothes laying there. He didn’t think anything of it and stripped down to his boxers and came in.

We cleaned up and got out of the water. He went to get dressed and had no towel with him my wife and I laid on the side and dried off in the sun. When we were done, we picked up our clothes and headed back to the camping spot. We noticed that his boxers were laying on a branch along with his shirt.

He came out of the tent in just pants and his wife in a sun dress with nothing under it.

My wife and I were not dressed yet and wear about to get dressed when my buddy’s wife said she had a sun dress my wife could wear if she wanted instead of pants and shirt, so she slid it on with nothing on under it.

I put on some baggy shorts as well.

Later that afternoon, we went riding and found some mud so when we got back we all went to the lake to clean off. This time when my wife and I took off our clothes to clean up and then my buddy’s wife came up and collected the and took them back to the tent.

When we got done, we went back to the tent to get dressed and found our clothes were missing. Both her and her husband came out of the tent naked as well and we were told that this was something they always wanted to do but did not have the guts till then and they knew that we would join them.

I asked about it when we went riding and she said that we got muddy anyways so why get the clothes dirty. I asked about if they had seen other people and they pointed out that we had been out there for two days and had not seen or heard anyone so they felt safe.

Both my wife and I were up for it.

We stayed that way the rest of the week and on the second to last day while riding, we did run across another group of people riding. Tthey just looked at us and waved as we went by.

My buddy’s wife said that is the most scared and also horny she had ever been getting caught like that.

Sadly, on the last day, we had to put clothes on to head home. When we got to the truck, it was getting dark so we loaded up the gear and headed for home, eight hours away.

We had only been driving for about ten minutes when I looked in the mirror to see my wife stripping down. Her excuse was she didn’t wear clothes for almost a week and did not want to start yet. Within about one, mile everyone was naked again.

We did have to stop for fuel two times but that is another story for some other day.

Wow, quite the adventure – thanks for sharing!



  1. Great story. My wife and I went camping with another couple for a long weekend. He was in the army and had reserved a spot not open to the public. We got there and it was deserted; just the 4 of us and a lake. The first day someone made an off-hand comment about this would be a great place to skinny dip, being so isolated. Of course the person had meant “assuming just 1 couple was there”, but I ignored that and casually agreed, suggesting we try it. Everybody kind-of jokingly said ok, but I had to go first. So I calmly pulled off my swimsuit and jumped in the lake. No one had expected me to actually do it, and the entire first day I was the only one naked. But the next morning the other 3 were all talking where I couldn’t here them, and all stopped instantly when I joined. Sure enough, they had agreed they would also join in if all 3 agreed. Well, they didn’t, so again, it was just me naked. But at lunch the topic came up again, and this time 2 of them said ok, and eventually pressured the 3rd to agree. So for the next 2 days all 4 of us were naked, and not just during the day while swimming, but meals and evenings as well.

    A great trip!

  2. Sounds like an amazing camping trip

  3. What a fun experience. Nice to have friends that you could be naked with. I hope that you had future adventures together.

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