Naked Golf Course Adventure

Sam sent in this memory of a rather reckless but fun night on a golf course:

I was 18 years old at my family’s summer house, and I couldn’t sleep because I was too excited for my late night plans. I love the daring thrill of walking outside and stripping off my clothes in the middle of the night, feeling the wind against my body and the grass between my toes, wondering if anyone might be watching. And today was a perfect night for it!

It was a little bit rainy, which feels amazing against my skin, but it means I need to be extra daring and strip out of my clothes before leaving the house. I slipped out of my pajamas, and quietly went out the front door, hoping nobody would drive by as I gingerly walked across the pebbled driveway, being sure not to wake up my family.

When I reached the backyard, I lay down on the wet grass and felt amazing! I could immediately see that it was a special night. I had done all the work to get out here, and was in no mood to go back now. It was time to get a bit more daring.

Connected to my backyard was a tennis court and connected to this was a golf course, the perfect place to explore on such a fine night. Perhaps there would even be a water trap where I could take a quick dip. So with my clothes still inside the house, I walked across the soft clay courts (which felt great on my bare feet) to the entrance of the golf course. I opened the gate and began to explore.

The course was gigantic, but fairly secluded so I ran all around in the grass and sand, feeling completely free. I rolled in the sand traps and found a small pond to skinny dip in. At first I was careful about not being seen, but as time went on I got more and more reckless.

After about a half hour of naked fun, I almost hoped to get caught! That’s when I saw a bright light in the darkness, and like some kind of mad moth, I couldn’t help but walk towards it. The light was from a streetlight, and it lit up my body completely as I approached the road where it stood. It wasn’t a busy street, but not unused either. It probably had about one car drive by each minute. I don’t know what came over me, but I scampered all the way up to the street and touched it with my foot.

My immediate thought was to run away, but some naughty part of me had something else in mind. I turned back towards the golf course and began to slowly walk back, my body on full lit up display, refusing to turn around or speed up the pace. I heard one car pass, and then another and wondered if they saw me but didn’t dare turn around. Finally, after what seemed like an hour (but I’m sure was much less) I returned to darkness, satisfied to sneak back home and call it a night. I still wonder if anybody saw me that night. I just hope that if they did, they enjoyed the sight a fraction as much as I enjoyed my adventure!

I’m sure you were seen, Sam, with that many cars passing by! You’re braver than even I am!


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