Naked in the Woods

Henry sent in this great story about his first time. One of the best accidental discoveries of skinny dipping I can remember!

One summer, my family and I were going to stay in a remote cabin up in the mountain woods. It was the sort of the thing we would do, my parents were very outdoorsy. We got to the cabin and found that it was rather lovely, cozy bedrooms, nice fireplace, comfy rugs, etc. But one startling flaw was that there was no tub or shower anywhere inside. Confused, my mom headed outside and found an outdoor shower just off the corner of the cabin, one with no partition to speak of, just totally open to the forest.

Now, you have to keep in mind that my family isn’t exactly an open one when it comes to our bodies (I envy some of the other families I’ve read about on this website), and we were used to each having our own indoor shower. So, we were resolved to shower in the evenings, one at a time, and nobody else was to leave the cabin while somebody was showering.

But all the same, at the time I was very shy. Even if the shame of being seen nude by a family member could be prevented, the open woods were intimidating as well. What if somebody was hiding out there? What if a bee came and stung my privates? It gave me so much anxiety that I didn’t shower the first day. Even the idea of the rest of my family being naked out there unsettled me.

But the second day we went for a long hike by a creek, during which I got super sweaty, but still refused to take a shower. My sister took issue with this since we were sharing a room and tried to convince me to go shower. She told me that it wasn’t so bad, and in a weird way it was kind of fun. She eventually annoyed me enough about it to the point where I decided to bite the bullet and do it.

So I tell everyone I’m showering so they wouldn’t come outside. I get out there and start taking off my clothes, but hesitated when I get down to my boxers. I started to feel a light breeze through the thin fabric, which was unsettling at the time but oddly tantalizing. I finally take off my boxers and experience something I don’t think I had ever felt before: my penis was a little cold. Which sounds like something that would be unpleasant in any circumstances, but introducing such a new and subtle sensation to the most sensitive part of my body was exhilarating.

I instantly fell in love with being naked outside. I didn’t even get in the shower at first. I just ran around the side of the cabin for a little bit, feeling the wind around me, confident that my family wasn’t going to come outside. Of course I ended up taking a shower, and the plunge of my naked body from the cold air to the hot water got me so excited that I had to rub one out.

I went to sleep that night so satisfied that I had found something this new and exciting. I started plotting excuses to get naked outside again, which finally takes me to the actual skinny dipping part of my story.

The next day, I announced at breakfast that I was going to do the same hike from yesterday along the creek, since I remembered a bit where the trail and the creek diverged–I thought that would be the perfect place to sneak away and get naked in seclusion. Everyone was predictably against it since we had just done it yesterday, so I just insisted that I could do it alone while they went elsewhere. It was the perfect setup. I go out to the creek trail, and walked up to the point where the creek diverged, and started following the creek instead.

I got to a nice shady bend a good distance from the trail and started taking my clothes off. I got naked, and it’s just as exciting as yesterday. Only this time I got to feel the warm sun against my bare body for the first time. Like the contrast of cold air and hot water excited me last night, the warm sun and the cold creek excited me today.

And then something totally unexpected happened. I saw two girls walking along the edge of the creek! They had obviously seen me before I saw them because they started giggling to themselves as they walked past. I totally froze in place with no place to hide; I was butt naked in the middle of the creek! I was just stuck staring at them. They must have picked up that I wasn’t expecting company and was uncomfortable, because they just smiled, waved, and said “Hi!” as they walked past. I was totally disarmed by this perfectly normal greeting, and trying to act casually I stammered out something about offering to let them join me. They glanced at each other, as if considering it, but politely declined and were on their way, laughing.

That was the first time that anybody had seen me naked, and in all honesty it probably went as well as it could have. At least they thought the encounter was funny and weren’t super creeped out about it. It had never occurred to me that there were people out there who could be at all comfortable with nudity until that trip. The closest I had come to that before was accidentally walking in on my sister, which neither of us found funny at the time.

That experience definitely was the stepping stone towards a whole lot of fun later in life.

That is just great, Henry. I love it when an experience like this sets you up for good things later! Congratulations on letting it take you where it did.


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