Naked Run After Skinny Dip

Kenzie sends this story of a nice dip that quickly went awry:

This is from back when I was a teenager first trying out skinny dipping. I lived a mile away from a large lake and I would go skinny dip there. I was still to afraid of people seeing me so I would skinny dip at night.

One night at 12:00, I snuck out of my house and I walked to my lake spot. I then walked up to the water and began to take my clothes off. I sat them on a nearby rock, and got into the water. I immediately felt a sense of relaxation when the cold water went up my legs and onto my freshly shaved pussy. I continued to swim, no worries in my mind.

About an hour later, I got out and went towards where I had put my clothes. When I got there, they were gone! I was freaking out! I must had put them too close to where the tide was, so it swept them away. The tide didn’t even leave me my panties. Now I have to walk home in the nude.

When I got onto the road, I started to walk in the shadows. A truck was coming my way and the lights shined onto me. I was fully exposed for the driver to see! After he passed, I started running to my house. I didn’t even care about who saw me. When I got home, I ran inside and hid in my room for the rest of the night. I was so embarrassed!

On the good side, this gave me a new challenge: going out naked in public.

On the other good side, your timing was good. Thanks for the story!



  1. Can I go skinny dipping with u

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