Naked Swim Lessons

Here’s a story we got from George:

Several years ago, following several unsuccessful attempts at learning to swim, I saw an advertisement, which guaranteed success. The lessons were expensive (they were one-to-one) but I thought I would try them.

When I showed up for my first lesson I found it was in a very pleasant indoor pool in a private house. The instructor was very friendly, good looking, about my age (early forties) and as I was later to discover, an excellent teacher.

He had a well-toned body, was deeply tanned and was wearing a very skimpy costume as I was. He began by asking me about my attempts to swim. Those were varied, so he asked me what I remembered as being the most useful. I replied that when on holiday in the then Yugoslavia I found the water so buoyant that I almost succeeded. However, I added that perhaps I enjoyed it more because it was an isolated spot, there were only two or three other people in the area and they were naked so I daringly took off my costume!

He laughed and said “Why not? That’s the best way to swim.” I therefore said that it was a pity that convention dictated that I should wear a costume.

He smiled and said; Would you like your lessons naked? I stared at him and asked him if he was serious. Of course, he replied, and to my amazement tore off his own costume. Wow! He was tanned all over and quite well endowed, although almost completely hairless. It turned out that he had his own villa in Tenerife where he swam regularly – without a costume, of course.

Because he was a good teacher I learnt very quickly, and therefore was very sad when the lessons finished. He was very respectful during the lessons, and when he had to hold me up in the initial stages he always asked my permission to hold me when he had to push up on my middle, and occasionally my groin. He said that with a costume it would be reasonable, but since I was naked I might not like it. However, I had no objection to this; he was quite impersonal.

I never saw him again, but I treasure that memory of an experience that I suspect few in the world have had in adulthood. This story is perfectly true; the situation was obviously perfectly natural to him as a dedicate naturist, and since I was completely relaxed about it, it seemed perfectly normal behavior, if distinctly offbeat. Has anyone else had a similar experience?

Yes, we’ve seen various parts of the world and there seem to be places still where nude swimming is perfectly normal. Thank you for the story!



  1. I took swimming during my first semester at the university. The class was all male and we had to be naked. I do not remember my first class or any adverse reactIon to wearing no suit.Strangely, the male instructor wore a suit. I never complained about his being clothed. I still enjoy swimming nude.

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