Need help for striping spin the bottle ?

I am a girl i have 21 years old. My friends are coming to my villa so we can go to the pool together and like a small party of 4 etc….

We decided that we are going to play strip spin the bottle so everybody is wear a lot of clothing so they cant get naked easily.

My question here it is: Is it normal that we see each other naked or play it until everybody is naked expect one.

WE were used to skinny dip together and its cool to be naked together.

Is it ok ??
Can we play it and its norm. By the way we are 2 girls and 2 boys from same age.


  1. Your 2 x 2, 4-round strip game is only ‘normal’ if you are planning to have sex with the other three people at that time, right then. That is your intent, right?

    You’re accustomed to disrobing around one another, you get a charge out of it (no kidding), now you’re going to tease each other for a sustained period – and you want permission from strangers so you can believe that this is a normal social activity.
    Well, is this a party game you’d do in front of your community? your parents? your peers? Would you announce it in an invitation? Not your three compatriots, not the internet community, but you – how do YOU feel about that? There’s your answer.

    Sure, there’s plenty of things grown people do with discretion (that is, with privacy).
    But those are people who, as a norm, take responsibility for their own actions. If you were emotionally old enough to make a decision about sustained sexual teasing, you’d be sufficiently aware to not kid yourself that this is a game you control. What you are doing is forging a path to a obvious end. If a four-way sexual activity is what you planned, then why require the approval of "normal"? Why would you be plying the internet for permission? (except that you still think this is a kid’s game with a child-like exit strategy).

    One of the first steps toward adulthood is taking responsibility for your own acts of risky behavior. You don’t blame others for your choices, you don’t ask permission so you can off-load what you do as an excuse – that is, you don’t do something because ‘everybody does it’. Instead, you own your own actions. Playing at a sexual tease normally arouses the others involved. Since that is your intent, own what happens after. Think it through, decide it all given possibilities are what you want.

    100% of the time it’s an adult’s responsibility to control their own behavior (not pretend you control others). You don’t sound like you’ve thought through all potential outcomes. Instead, you appear to have significant fantasy-thinking and (obviously) a need to know you’re not deviant. If you had the maturity to address this situation as an adult the deviant aspect would not be a factor and, you wouldn’t be online asking a child-like permission for a (yes, sophmorphic) activity that (nevertheless) should be entered into only by fully-conscious, fully-consenting adults.

  2. yeah. it cool. your 21.

  3. Yeah I guess its cool.
    Have fun. haha

  4. You type like a 12 year-old. So no.

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