Need some humiliating dares for a game of King's Cup?

A mixed group of friends and i will get together have a party and play King’s Cup (a drinking game where a card is assoicated with what you do). The way we are playing we are going to use the Jack as do a dare or finish your drink. We need some humiliating and some not so to put in a hat and draw from. (ex. go skinny dipping, strip to your underwear for the rest of the game, preform a strip tease, etc.) We really need some good ones as we play alot and using the same ones will get old. Also if you have any that arn’t that humilatin those are good too so it will be the luck of the draw. Any other suggestions would be great. Thanks.


  1. here is a bad one hahaha if it is picked that person strips nude and he or she is tied to a tree or table and each player has their turn at the garden hose to soak that person

    or you could opt to put the hose down someone elses pants and soak them good

  2. Paranormal Princess says

    These are going to be completely disgusting, but here goes:
    1. Lick in between someone else’s toes.
    2. Dress and act like the opposite sex for the rest of the game
    3. Go streaking
    4. Strip butt naked and stay that way for the rest of the game.

  3. Paddywhack!

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