Needed to Unwind

Cassandra sent in this story about just needing to get away and unwind:

I’ve kinda always liked getting naked outside. I’ve only ever had the opportunity to do it a few times in my life, but I cherish those thrills.

A few weeks ago I was just having one of those terrible days and needed to do something wild to help me let go. And what better way to unwind than soaking up some sun at the beach? But it wouldn’t have been enough to just go and hang out in a bathing suit, I would simply have to get naked in order for it to be the exciting and satisfying experience I was looking for. I briefly considered trying to find a nude beach, but honestly that would have ruined half the fun. It wouldn’t be very daring, would it?

So a bit of a ways up the coast there’s a nice, wide beach that I know is usually pretty empty since it’s out of the way, and I headed there straight away after work. When I arrived, I found the beach was actually more crowded than I thought it was gonna be. There were maybe two or three dozen people enjoying themselves on the sand shore. But I was undeterred, I just needed to find the most secluded spot, and if anybody saw, well then they’d have to just deal.

I walked to the far side of the beach and found a nice small alcove, separated from the rest of the beach by a few large rocks. I head over there and found that I actually had some decent distance from everyone else; they probably wouldn’t see much even if they did see me naked, I thought to myself. Perfect.

I started taking my clothes off, each piece that came off getting me more and more excited. And then I stood there for a second, my body bare to the sea. Feeling the sea breeze around all of my bare skin was absolutely tantalizing. I took one last glance around me and then ran as fast as I could into the ocean. It was wonderful. Nothing but me, the sea, and the sun.

I eventually headed back to the beach, laid out a towel, and sunbathed facedown, my ass bare to the world. When I flipped, I saw some pervy guys taking pictures of me on their phones from the rocks. They saw me notice them and bolted.

This was the point where I should have been super embarrassed and regretting doing this, but honestly I was so calm in that moment that I couldn’t possibly have cared less. Part of me actually kinda hoped they got a decent pic of a woman who knows how to have a good time.

Sounds like a delightful way to letting go of the stress of the day. Thanks, Cassandra!



  1. When i was 15 I went on a trip to Florida. One late night I met some hot college girls. They thought I was cute. They got naked & we talked & flirted for hours. At some point I fell asleep. I was only wearing shorts & my giant erection. Early the next morning I woke up nude (college girls pulled off & stole my shorts as I slept); with two middle aged females sitting beside me. They flirted with me & checked out my giant manhood & athletic body. Finally I convinced one to loan me a towel as other people were heading onto the beach. I made it to my room. Of course one of the married women invited me to her room when her husband was gone; but as a gentleman I passed.

  2. Glad you had a good time. If i was those boys i would of not take any photos i would of just admired and enjoyed the view of a beautiful woman for a few moments then carry on my way. Skinny dipping is amazing of course.

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