Neighbor Skinny-Dipping

Mike sent in this story about the right way to meet your new neighbors:

I just moved in a new house with my parents when I was 19. I had a backyard but had no pool. That was a plan for the future. My neighbor had a pool in the backyard and I came to learn that our neighbor was a single mom who had a daughter.

One day I was alone at home and from my room I could see in the neighbor’s backyard and pool. I was looking out the window wishing I could take a swim in their pool. Suddenly the neighbor, the mom, came out to sunbathe in the backyard. She was wearing a bikini and was looking good for a woman in her 40s. She saw me and said “Hello neighbor!”, I replied with a shy “Hello”.

She: What a sunny day, it’s so hot!

Me: Yeah, very.

She: I’m Danielle.

Me: I’m Mike. Nice to meet you.

She: Me too. What are your plans for today?

Me: Nothing much. I’m home alone. My parents went in town with some business. Nice pool btw.

She: Thanks. I know you don’t have one. Would you like to come over and cool off?

Me: Ok, I would love to. Thanks. Just wait to grab my suit and I’ll be over.

She: I’ll come to open the gate for you, just ring at the gate bell.

I got to her backyard and pool, undressed and chatted for a while on various subjects and had a good time. I had an old swim suit which was rather large and obsolete. I complained about.

Me: I should buy smaller swim shorts. These are so big and I’ll get massive tan line.

She: You know you can get a uniform tan, right?

Me: How?

She: By getting those off you silly. Sunbathing nude!

At that moment my heart started pumping fast. I was excited by this idea.

She: I don’t mind. Feel free to get naked.

Me: I’m a little shy…I don’t know.

She: Come on, you don’t have to be ashamed. Are you ashamed of your body? I’m sure you have nothing to be ashamed.

Me: Ok, I’ll take off my shorts then.

She stood there watching me taking off my shorts and then looking at my private parts.

She: See, you have nothing to be ashamed. And she gave me a big smile.

And there is more to the story.

I laid on the sunbeds for an hour or so, she brought some cocktail and suddenly I heard a voice from the front yard: “Mooooom, I’m home!”. It was her daughter. I panicked. I grabbed my suit.

Danielle: Don’t worry. My daughter is open minded. It’s not a problem you are naked.

The she yelled: I’m in the backyard with your neighbor sunbathing.

I started to feel ashamed. Her daughter yelled from the front yard: I’ll come over too, for some sunbathing. From the front yard you had to go on the side of the house to see the pool so she did not see anything yet. After 10 minutes she came out on the back door and saw me and her mom. She was a little shocked.

Danielle: I want to introduce you to your neighbor, Mike.

Her daughter’s name was Laura.

Laura: Hi, nice to meet you, or all of you… better said. I’m Laura. And she giggled. She was 20 years old.

Danielle: She have a sense of humor. Don’t mind her.

Laura: I’m joking. Nice that you have the courage to sunbathe naked. I love that.

Me: Was your mom’s idea.

Danielle: True, I convinced him to lay nude.

Danielle went inside to bring us some soda and I chatted with Laura for a while. She was very open and I saw that she liked that I was naked. Her mom came out with the sodas.

Danielle: If your neighbor is naked it’s only fair that you should be too. Get rid of that suit and get a proper tan without tan lines.

Laura: Are you ok with this, Mike?

Me: Yeah, sure. No problem.

Laura then got rid of her bikini and revealed a beautiful body. I started to get a hard on. She noticed.

Laura: I take that as a compliment. And she giggled.

Danielle: Don’t worry. It’s normal. It will get over after a while, don’t be ashamed.

Me: Ok, sorry about that.

I stayed there for a couple of hours and had a swim and a lot of fun with Laura, and then left for home.

Before I left, Laura said: We should do this again. Hope that your parents don’t mind us being naked, if they are at home.

Me: I don’t think they mind. Talk later!

Thanks, Mike! I hope you continue to enjoy many a hot afternoon at the neighbors!



  1. Amazing story. Nice they were open minded about skinny dipping and like you said 1st time your little nervous but once your naked it is no big deal and both mother and daugther were open about it and sure they were both beautiful. The human body is amazing and nothing to be ashamed of at all. Long as everyone is comfy with it.

  2. Chris Pugsley says

    That’s Wonderful. I wish had neighbor like that.

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