Neighborhood Teens Using My Pool

Here’s a story we got from Paul:

Hi Jen, this is an interesting thing that happened to me a little bit ago.

I just bought a house kind of out in the country – in a small group of houses, where we each have a good amount of property – like an acre or two. It was my first house and it had a pool, which I thought was great. The yard is fenced in but there is a door near the garage. You can lock it but I leave it unlocked so that I can easily get back there.

I had moved in and was putting some of my things away. I also had to make numerous trips into town to the hardware store to pick up things that I needed – common for moving into a new home.

Maybe a week had gone by and there was a knock on the door. It was one of the girls from two doors down. I met her dad the other day and he introduced me to her as she was out in the driveway with her rollerskates on. She just turned 18 and was pretty.

“Hi, Mr. S. How are you?”

“I’m good, Kim. What can I do for you?”

“Well, it’s hot out and I was wondering if my friend and I could use your pool later and take a swim. The old neighbors used to let us go in there often, so we know it well and will be careful.”

At first, I thought I better not simply because if they slipped and fell or something, there could be a lawsuit. You know how things are these days. But then I remembered my insurance guy talked me into extra liability coverage with having the pool and I kinda was interested in seeing her in a swimsuit or bikini, so I agreed.

“Sure, that’s fine. I’m heading to town for a little bit. Feel free to come over and jump in. The door’s not locked. Just know that this isn’t an open invitation to come over any time, ok? I’d like you to ask before you do each time, ok?”

“Ok. We will. Thanks!!”

About 20 minutes later, I headed into town. They hadn’t come over yet.

When I got back, I saw Kim and her friend, who also appeared to be about her age in the pool. I could see their heads in the pool from the living room and they were splashing around a bit. I then went into the garage to get something and then came back in.

I took another look back there because I thought maybe they didn’t know I was home yet and thought I’d get a good peek at them in their swimsuits. I went into my bedroom and took a look out of a window that was a bit closer to the pool and had the shade mostly drawn. I didn’t want to be creepy but instead just take a look.

They were still in the pool with mainly their heads showing, so I waited. I looked around and then noticed something. It looked like some bikinis were laying on the concrete next to the pool. They were colorful and kind of bunched up with strings everywhere. I then took another look at the girls in the pool and finally noticed that they were naked!

Kim was jumping up and down and I could see her boobs. She was splashing her friend. Kim then was laughing and took a good look around and then got out of the pool naked and then jumped back in. They were both laughing about it like it was a dare. Her friend then did the same thing. Wow!

I wasn’t sure what to do. Do I go back there or just enjoy the show? I thought that if I went back there, they would be embarassed (as well as being bare-assed… sorry, had to throw that joke in) and then if they came over again, they might never do this again. I wanted this to go on, I thought – so I just enjoyed the show for a few more minutes. I couldn’t believe they were doing this.

Ok, enough fun. Maybe when I got to the house, I was too quiet. I thought I’d go out to the garage and pretend that I came back (again) and this time make more noise by banging some things around. I did that and as I was still out in the garage, both girls came out the side door with their suits on and towels around them. They seemed to be in a hurry – I wondered why.

“Thanks, Mr. S. We enjoyed the pool! This is my friend, Ann.”

“Hi, Ann. Did you both get to cool off out there?”

“Yeah, it was great. Nice to meet you.” Ann said.

They both had these strange grins on their faces but I played it cool. They then left and said thanks again.

I can’t wait for another hot day and for Kim to come over and ask again. I might just have to go run another errand.

I guess you’re one lucky guy, Paul!



  1. Amazing!

  2. Did they ever come over again for another swim?

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