Neighbor’s Pool

Jack sent in this story his neighbor’s unknowing generosity:

I am posting this right after this happened. I live in a rich neighborhood where many people have pools, except I don’t. So spur of the moment, I woke up at 2 AM and decided to go skinny dip in my neighbor’s pool.

I ran outside down the street (properties are big around here) and I climbed over a fence into their yard. Then I took off all my clothes behind some trees and stashed them. I then snuck into the pool and started swimming. The water feels amazing all over my naked body. So I dive under and come back up, but my head starts pounding really badly. So I basically crawled out to my clothes and my head stopped hurting enough to get on my clothes (with trouble) and walk down the street home. I survived the trip, but damn, my head is still pounding!

Hmm. Maybe that’s the price you pay! But thanks for sending in your story!

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