Nobody Noticed I was Naked

Nikki sent in this story that proves that you can skinny dip in a crowd:

I love skinny dipping; I get naked as often as I possibly can.

But one time, I was swimming in a pool late at night with a few friends who were lame and wore swimsuits. I felt obligated to wear a bikini, but once we got in the water that urge to just take it off was overwhelming. If I had been alone, or with just very close friends, I’d take it off without a second thought, but I wasn’t familiar enough with this crowd. But that was never going to stop me anyway.

I waded over to an empty wall of the pool and slipped my bottoms down to my knees. It was exhilarating to feel the water against my bare skin again, and being sneaky about it with other people in the water got me very excited. So I pulled my bottoms completely off and held onto them while I swam around. And then I went all out and pulled off my top, exposing my breasts to the cool water.

After wading naked on my own for a while, I built up the courage to swim near my friends. It was so dark out, nobody noticed that I was totally naked under the water! At that point, I kinda wanted to get caught, the idea really turned me on. I was tempted to just graze my bare body against somebody else’s skin, but in the end I put my bikini back on before we all got out of the pool.

It was so awesome, and none of them had any clue.

It can be our little secret, Nikki!



  1. I like swimming nude . I try all the time. I really want to get caught by someone who would like to join in with me

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