Nude and Exposed

285_2765947And here’s another one from a female named “marisol” (go girls!) who accidentally discovered skinny dipping:

I am 15 right now and this happened when I was 14.

There was this large pond in the woods behind my house that I would always swim in during the summer. No one else knew about it (or so I thought). For a while, I would use a bikini but one day, I found this tree branch that I could jump off of. The branch was up pretty high. When I jumped off, my bikini top got hooked on a branch and came completely off! So, there I was, falling through the air with my boobs totally exposed! When I landed in the water, my boobs hurt sooooo bad! After massaging the pain out of them, I looked up to see my bikini top hanging there, blowing in the wind.

I then heard someone coming. I was about to get out but that would have exposed my boobs so I quickly dove underwater. I could feel a slight pull, but I didn’t think much of it. When I came back up, they person was gone and so were my bottoms!

I was about to look for them, when I felt so free. I could flaunt my tits and no one would see! I splashed and swam for about an hour and then I decided to go home. When I got out, I couldn’t find my clothes and then I saw flashes. People were still there and they were taking pics! I started running and didn’t stop til I got home.

Wow! It sounds like that naked run all the way home could be a whole other story, too!



  1. I feel bad for you in a way. (I’m 16 btw. [Why am I telling ppl this?]) So do you think you shall skinny dip again anytime or was that your only time you will do it? I have never had a good chance to… 🙁 someday I hope I can go. And one last thing are you in California?

  2. My first time skinny dipping, I was just 14, as well. But I wasn’t alone. I was with with two of my cousins and two of their friends. We were all boys (still are!) and we were at my cousins’ pool in a suburb in southern Ventura County, California. Because all kids (both sexes) were required to change clothes and take showers together in school back then, four of us were used to being naked around others so that was not a problem. My younger cousin was only 11 and the youngest of the five of us, but he had no hesitation getting undressed and diving in with us. Looking back, I think this was probably NOT the first time my cousins had skinny dipped – this was probably true for the two friends, as well. But it was my first time and I can remember SO many details because it felt just AWESOME! I hope Marisol went skinny dipping again, later in her life, because I sure wish I had. And, if I ever get the chance again, I will (even though I’m… well, a LOT older than 14 now).

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