On My Jet Ski

I went out one morning on my jet ski. It’s nice to hit the water early because it’s like glass and you can just fly on a lake. I’m not a morning person but I’d get up and ride my jet ski early about 5 times a year.

One morning in particular was really nice. The water was great and there was nobody out there. The sun was up and it was a weekday. Sometimes I’ll stop and take a quick swim, so I did and the water was nice and warm. I thought I’d go au natural and skinny dip, so I took off my trunks, set them on the watercraft and swam around in the water.

I had my life jacket on and that was it, so I thought what the heck. I climbed back onto it and went for a ride just like that. It was cool.

Another great thing about taking the jet ski out is that you can get to areas of a lake that are not accessible to people by land, it seems… or people don’t want to go there. You can find some great swimming holes that way and there’s nobody there. All you do is get into the water, take off your swimsuit and tuck it into your life jacket or better yet, hang it on the handlebars (if you’re so daring).

Back to me story… so I decided to stop at a place where I might take a quick skinny dip once in a while and to my surprise, there was another jet ski already there. I saw two girls in the water and I didn’t see them wearing any suits. Of course, sometimes with girls, you don’t know if they have swimsuits on since they could be wearing a strapless top bikini or a strapless one piece suit.

I stopped to say hi to them and they were all smiles and giggles. I knew something was up. I looked at their jet ski to compliment them on it and there were their bikinis – just laying on the seat. I smiled.

“I see you found my skinny dip swimming hole” I said to them.

“Oh, this is your area?” one of them said.

“Why don’t you join us then,” said the other.

They were both pretty good looking and friendly, so I jumped in and threw my trunks up on the seat of mine. I talked with them more and we were all swimming around.

I got talking to one as the other went off swimming somewhere and then the girl I was talking to seemed to be sort of shocked or something. She covered her mouth and laughed. I turned around and saw that the other girl had gone to my jet ski and had taken my suit. She had it up in the air, waving it around like a prize.

“Is this yours?” she said.

“Yeah, can I have it back?” I said to her.

“No, I’m keeping it.”

She also had somehow gotten her suit on and life jacket on and then she was climbing up onto her jet ski. Before we knew it, she took off with both my suit and the other girls suit. We watched and she kept on going. We thought she was kidding but after about 5 minutes we thought she was gone for good.

“Do you think she’s coming back?” I asked.

“She might not, actually. It’s her jet ski. She did something like this once before to another friend of ours. She took her clothes and suit when she was skinny dipping and never brought them back. I bet she’s doing that again.”


“Yeah, we’re going to have to find a way back with no clothes, I think.”

“Wow, ok. Are you parked at the main boat launch where I am?”

“Yeah, we parked there. What should we do?” she asked.

We only had one lifejacket and one jet ski – mine. We figured that it would look better if the person on the back was wearing the life jacket, so we decided she would wear it and I would drive.

We both hopped on. I was totally naked and she was naked from the waist down but then she thought that keeping the jacket open and trying to put it on the sides would make it look like I was wearing one, too. So the whole way back, I had this hot gal with her boobs against my back, legs wrapped next to mine and arms around my stomach as we rode on the lake.

There were a few fishermen out but none were by the pier. We’re not sure what they thought they saw but didn’t take time to stop and ask them, of course. As soon as we got there, we saw the other girl and she gave us back our suits, so we got into the water and put them on.

It was a fun experience. I did get to work on time that morning and had a bit of story to tell the other guys. They thought I was making it up.


  1. I hope you saw that girl again

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