One Last Huzzah

Sam sent in this fun memory of a last gathering of friends from school:

I have always been shy and tend to dress conservatively, but as my breasts started growing in during high school, I had this deep and naughty desire to show off my body. I would constantly dream of letting one of my friends catch a glimpse down my blouse or up my dress, or better yet walk in on me changing. It sounds so silly, and I don’t even know if I’d call it sexual, but I just felt a need to let out my “true naked self.” However, I would always chicken out, I guess afraid that I would be laughed at or ostracized or something.

At the end of senior year, I was invited to a big group swim in the ocean with a bunch of my friends. I realized I wouldn’t see a lot of them for a while, so I felt a bit more open than usual to the idea of showing my body! Before we all met up, I bought my first ever bikini. It was a red with black straps, not super crazy or anything but it still felt kinda wild to me since I had never worn one before. It sounds silly, but the thought of my friends seeing my shoulders and belly button was pretty exciting back then.

At the beach, there were nine of us, five girls and four guys, and it was really secluded with nobody else around. There was also a cliff that you could jump from into the water (I used to jump off here all the time with my diving team throughout high school) as well as a sandbar you could swim out to.

I noticed that I was getting plenty of looks for my outfit (I was the only girl who hadn’t worn a cover-up over my bikini for before we got on the water). At first I was a little bit self conscious, but that quickly turned into self confidence when I saw they were looking in admiration and not disgust. The best part for me was that nobody had any idea how much I enjoyed being looked at!

I immediately climbed up the cliffs and got ready to dive (this was my favorite way to get in the water). I managed to get through a front flip before landing. But something felt off, a little more…free. I looked down and my top was pulled down and one of my breasts was totally exposed!! I instinctively pulled it up frantically before looking around, but nobody seemed to have noticed.

As I came back to shore, I was relieved, but then I started thinking. What if they had seen me? What are they going to say? “Be more careful, I’m offended”? A devilish thought crossed my mind as I climbed up the cliffs to go for another jump. At first I was going to just jump again and hope for a “wardrobe malfunction,” but then I thought, “why not help mother nature out a little bit?” I loosened my top until I couldn’t have done a jumping jack without a breast popping out. At the point, I decided I may as well go all the way and also loosened my bottoms until they were about to fall off. I knew what I was doing was crazy, but I was far too excited to turn back now. I went for a dive!

I had a moment of regret as I flew through the air, but I didn’t alter my form, and as I landed in the water, my entire bikini was ripped off completely! I felt the rush of cold water rush over my body, which felt absolutely amazing, and then the top half of my body emerged from the water. My entire body was throbbing with excitement, and with a great deal of effort, I managed to dog paddle forward without covering anything, acting as though I had no idea what was wrong.

I had prepared for the rush of excitement from my exhibitionism, but had no idea how amazing the water would feel against my body! It’s hard to explain but I somehow just felt right with nature and completely free!

My friend Justin was the first to notice my exposed body. He opened his mouth to gasp but then it just hung open in disbelief. That’s when Rebecca (who has been my best friend since second grade) saw me and called out, “Lamp-bear, your suit!!!” “Oh my God!!” I responded in feigned horror as I pretended to try to cover my body, “it must have fallen off when I dove from the rocks!” At this point everyone was looking at me. “Look, there it goes,” said Amanda, pointing out toward the middle of the lake. I looked over and saw my bikini floating away, way further than I could reach it. It must have got caught in a current.

Even though this was all intentional, I was still pretty embarrassed, especially now that I was stuck being naked for the rest of the time. I ran into shore to grab a towel, accompanied by whistles and cheers from all my friends. I wrapped myself up on shore and sat on the sand. It was kind of sad being all alone, but I was just too shy to streak if it wasn’t an “accident.”

After a few minutes, Rebecca walked over to talk. “Hey Sam, sorry about the suit but you should come back in the water!” “I just… don’t feel comfortable,” I replied. “Don’t be silly,” responded Rebecca, “you have nothing to be ashamed of. We’re all graduating soon and it’ll be fun!” I sat there thinking for a second when suddenly, she ripped off her own top and bottom, throwing them onto the sand and let out an excited shriek.

This was all I needed! I threw away the towel and ran right in after her. Needless to say, our friends were all shocked, but after a few minutes, it no longer seemed to matter that we weren’t wearing clothes. And after a few more minutes one of the guys took off his suit (that was the first full sized penis I’ve ever seen!) and within the next hour, we were all skinny dipping!

As the sun began to set, we all lay in the sand, our bodies exposed to the world. It was a beautiful sunset and an amazing feeling to all be so mutually exposed! Unfortunately, most of the people there I haven’t seen since, but it’s all okay because I have this one very special memory. And when I did start college, I was ready to be a bit more daring….

I love it! Not just a great memory, but a great way to introduced others to the joys of skinny dipping. Thanks, Sam!



  1. Great story and experience fo you.
    Keep doing it.

  2. Sounds like your 1st time was an amazing time

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