Only One Naked

An “anonymous male” sent in this story:

I was at a party with some friends from my high school graduating class. There were five girls and one other guy, and me. We went swimming in the pool at the house we were at, and then went out of it to play volleyball in our bathing suits.

I decided to go relax on the swing that was in the backyard near the volleyball court since I would unbalance the teams. I sat back and watched my friends play as I swung a little.

After a while I started swinging faster and faster. After I got going pretty fast one of the girls said that we should all go back in the pool. Instead of stopping the swing, I decided to jump off of it to get off faster. When I did this, the pocket of my swim trunks snagged on the chain of the swing. As I went forward, I heard a loud ripping sound and felt a rush of air on my penis. When I hit the ground I found that my bathing suit had been ripped completely in half and had been pulled off by the swing, leaving me completely naked in front of a bunch of girls I went to high school with.

I grabbed my old bathing suit and covered up with that as some of them laughed and others pretended they didn’t see anything. One girl kept staring. She said “I bet you wish you had worn underwear now.”

I looked at the one piece of clothing I had besides my shirt in embarrassment, as one of the other girls said, “Well now you’ll just have to go skinny dipping.” Although I was nervous, I realized that all of these girls had already seen me naked, and decided it was OK. I wasn’t worried about anyone else seeing me since it was nighttime.

And so I joined my friends in the pool, wearing only my birthday suit, and enjoyed the sweet feeling of water rushing against my naked body, as well as the secret pleasure of accidental nudity and being the only one naked in a group. Some of the girls continued to make fun of the fact that I was naked, but the others just acted normal. I had a lot of fun playing pool games and jumping into the pool without a stitch of clothing on. And it was very fun to have five pairs of eyes sneaking a peak at me every so often.

I’m not sure why the reason for anonymity, it sounds like a pretty cool experience! Thanks for sending it.


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