Original, fun, crazy things to do over the summer?

im trying to make a loong list of maybe 50-100 things that i’ve never done before that are really worth doing. So far, i’ve got things like;
eat sushi, bungee jump, sleep under the stars, stay up and watch a meteor shower, crowd surf at a concert, run a 10k race, make 0 performing on a streetcorner, etc.

Like i said, im looking for FUN, ORIgINaL things to do- that means i dont want to just party, get drunk, "streak", "skinny dip", shoplift, or hang out at the beach. Just TRRRYY to be creative please.
*im definately not doing "100 things to do at walmart/kmart" .thats the most idiotic list ive ever seen


  1. hugs for a quarter (see how many people think your hugs are worth it), attend a glass making class, create a vlog (video blog) of everything and post it on youtube, volunteer on a farm, learn to bake something everyday, learn a new language and make friends on skype that you can practice with, raise awareness for a cause, learn to play an instrument, be an extra in a movie (google search jobs as extras), join a focus group, try pilates or yoga, explore different religions, spend a week out in seclusion answering questions about yourself: what do i want, what makes me upset, what am i grateful for, what’s missing in my life, etc, make friends with at least one stranger per day, explore different types of clubs: jazz, indie, blue, country, etc., watch documentaries on random topics: owls, dancing, dating, hollywood, etc., eat at different restaurants: indian, argentine, chilean, greek, turkish, etc., look up "unique towns/cities in the US" and go to one (there’s this one town in Texas which is completely made out of recycled material…i don’t remember its name), get a new hair style, take out a pencil and sketch everyday (even if you are terrible at drawing, practice makes perfect)…

    i could go on all day.
    it sounds like your summer is going to be outrageous, my type of summer.
    i wish you the best!

    p.s. you shouldn’t limit this to the summer, life should be spontaneous and fun everyday. that’s what i live by and it makes life the most incredible experience.

  2. Meet a hollywood film maker.

  3. go on a roadtrip
    visit weird museums
    do 100 fun things to do at walmart
    movie hop
    take a truck out to the desert and put a matress in the bed and look at the stars

  4. SpicyDonuts says

    Run naked in the beach screaming the "The World is gonna end in 2012!!!!"

  5. Bob Ricochet says

    read a book. naked. with a hat on. in a treehouse. On Christmas. with a condom.

  6. Your friend Zach says

    get drunk by a fire

  7. batmanandrobinson says

    Try to do everything they mention in the song reckless abandon by blink 182

    take a shit in the bathroom tub
    feed the dog the brownie drugs
    trying hard to not get caught
    fucked a chick in a parking lot!

  8. go skydiving 😀 it looks fun, also maybe rock climbing?

  9. Jeremy LongSchlong says

    I am making fireworks and gunpowder for firecrackers this summer

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