Our First Time

JT sent in this story, proving that it’s never too late to start skinny dipping:

We recently bought a house, which is set apart from neighbors but also with a very well landscaped yard that ensures no one can see anything from either side. The back yard goes for many acres, that backs up to someone else’s many acres, and is so dense in trees to make it extremely private.

We are in our mid 50’s and have never been naked outside nor skinny dipped.

The other day, I talked to the wife about trying it, and she gave the what ifs…. I responded that no one can see us.

So in the early afternoon I went out to the lounge chair next to pool, and after a minute got the nerve to pull my trunks off. My wife walks out and laughs and says O.M.G you’re nuts…. After about 5 minutes of the warmth of the sun touching places that have never seen light, I was feeling pretty good.

Then I walked around the whole back yard around the pool, and started cleaning the pool totally naked, loving every second. Again my wife comes outside to do something and sees me walking around the pool, and again got a good laugh.

Later that night, when nighttime set in, I tried to talk her into trying skinny dipping in the pool, and she finally agreed. As we approached the pool, I was the first one naked. She looked around, took her clothes off and quickly headed for pool stairs. I stopped her, took her hand, and walked her around back yard and pool completely naked. I wanted her to see it was truly private and wanted her to get comfortable.

After once around the yard we swam naked and, without going in detail, let’s just say we had fun.

She later agreed later that it was fun!

Next day in the early afternoon, she came home and told me to go heat the hot tub. She showed me a new swimming throw/cover she just bought. As I put my trunks on, I noticed she wore nothing underneath. I was amazed and excited.

We got to the hot tub. I threw off my trucks and she quickly disrobed but was slow to get in, just stood there naked. We sat in the hot tub in the middle of the day, completely naked!!! I think we found a new hobby!

Our next thing will to be to sun bathe naked.

Thanks, JT! This story should be an inspiration to first timers of any age!



  1. Great story!! Proves you are never too old to try new adventures.

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