Outside Naked, We Lost Our Suits

Here’s one we got from Craig:

When I was about 12 years old, my friend and I were swimming in his pool. He dared me to go down the slide naked.  It was not a big deal because nobody was home and soon both of us were doing it.

We did not hear his two older sisters come home and we did not see them either because of the privacy screen but they saw us. They called every girl in the neighborhood to cover over and watch us. We did not know it, but for the next two hours or so we were streaking around up and down the sliding board while they watched our naked pink wieners bounce around in the sun.

When they got bored, all six of them burst through the screen door hootin’ and hollerin’ and grabbed our suits and threw them on the roof. There was a tree there which we had used to go on the roof once in a while, but I never thought I would be using it to get my swimsuit back.

WOW! It still turns me on today when I think of that story!

Thanks, Craig. We all seem to have some of those kinds of stories when we were young and innocent. Thanks for sharing it here with us.

The last few stories have been from the guys. Ladies, where are your skinny dipping stories? We know you have them! If you don’t, then go out and make some!



  1. Hello Craig
    That was a nice funny story. I liked your reference to your friend’s and your pink wieners.
    That was when you was twelve. Did you not repat the nude swim when you was fifteen or sixteen, then the girls would really have something to look at. You should have invited all the girls to come and dip with you guys.
    Have fun. JJ

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