Getting Mom’s permission

Chris sent in this great story of learning through the power of skinny dipping…and the lesson was all Chris’s: It had been a couple weeks since I had been caught skinny dipping in the pool. I didn’t think it was a big deal but I don’t think Mom was cool with the idea of me […]

Late Night First Date

Jack sent in this great story about a first date of like-minded adults: About fifteen years ago, I owned a restaurant and was working about 80 hours per week. With the long hours I was working, I had very little time to enjoy myself. Fortunately, the apartment community where I lived at the time had […]

Sometimes, You’ve Just Gotta Get Crazy

Liz sent in this very nice story of her first time, all the better because it was on a second date: Last September, I met a guy named Rick online and we decided to go on a date. We are both in our late 40s and divorced with kids. Our first date walking and talking […]

My Favorite Memory

Christian sent in this great story of his first time ever, an incredible bonding experience with his father: My family and I take an annual trip to see our grandparents in Mexico every summer. Mom grew up in a small village nestled between towering, verdant mountains, through which wind glassy rivers, pockmarked here and there […]

Moonlit Pond

Trevor sent in this story of a wonderful solo experience: My parents live near a small town in a Western state. A few miles outside of town, our family owns property with a pond that we keep maintained. There are fish in the pond, but we use the pond mostly for swimming. They even built […]

Itching to Skinny Dip

CeeJay sent in this story about finally scratching that skinny dipping itch: Getting naked is something I always loved doing.¬†There is just something about swimming naked that gets me so thrilled about everything, not to mention how great it feels.¬† Last summer, there’s this nude beach that I wanted to try out. I wanted to […]

Casual Skinny Dipping

Liam sent in this story about helping a friend with a nice reward: This story is from when I was a sophomore in college. I still can hardly believe this happened to me. Growing up, I had a childhood friend, Marissa, who I was close with. As we got older, I was still close with […]

Early Experiences

Brian sent in this charming–if that’s the right word–story about some early memories in a more innocent time: I grew up in the 1960s on Long Island, and I think it was a different era in terms of attitudes toward nudity. My parents did not partake but they had no qualms about my swimming nude […]

A Series of Naked Events

Will sent in this fun story of circumstances that led to a great experience: This happened when I was 20, but it has to be one of my favorite skinny dipping stories. One summer in college I was working an internship at an office in my area. This was a professional place, so I had […]

My First Time

Michael sent in this version of one of my favorite kinds of stories, his first time: A few neighbor kids and I had a tradition of sleeping out in our backyards. When our parents were asleep we would meet and go to nearby neighborhoods with swimming pools. We called it pool hopping. One night I […]