i need really goood party games?

okay so im haivng a party and i need some really goooooood games. me and my friends are craaazy. we like to drink, go skinny dipping, and do anything crazy. i need really fun games to keep us up all night and day long. pleeeaaassse help me.

Finding a store on Second Life?

Well, Im new to SL recently from IMVU. One of my favorite developers has hopped there as well and I can’t get to her store and she hasnt been online to give me the landmark 🙁 The name of the store is LoveDOT clothing industries on Skinny Dip Island, but when I search it on […]

Any one for skinning dipping?

I’m really bored. I wish some of guys lived in my area so we could go skinny dipping. Any takers?

I want a summer full of memories, so what should i do before it ends?

I’m in high school and my worst fear is dying without memories. So, give me ideas of thigns i can do that i’ll never forget. i.e skinny dipping….. forking someone’s yard… etc. I want summer ’08 to be hilarious and memorable. please help!

What should 2 girls do 4 a sleepover?

We r 10. No mean answers. We r alrdy going skinny dipping, and tryn 2 pull an all niter. Thx have a gr8 weekend! 🙂

Does anyone have any slightly dirty dares for an all-girl sleepover?

I don’t want them completely vulgar or anything. Like, making out with each other is out of the question. lol. But things like skinny dipping at midnight and such. I’ll pick a best, too. Thanks so much!

my friends and i are looking for pranks and crazy stuff to make our last summer rock. any ideas?

we’ve tried "blotting", skinny dipping etc. last summer being our last summer as teenagers. we just graduated and want to make this summer the most memorable before college.

Did anyone here steal my clothes when I was skinny dipping this summer? I had to run back home n-n-n…ya know

Skinny dipping ?

3 guys 4 girls would it be wierd if my sister came? (making it 5 girls) In our pool in our backyard with 4’6” fence. When is it the most fun to go? What’s fun games to play?

have you been skinny dipping this year?