Places to go skinny dipping?

Where are some good places to go skinny dipping? I live in Los Angeles…

Where can I go skinny dipping near Seattle?

why is it called skinny dipping?

what about fat people?

Are there some skinny-dippers in the house?

I’m looking into trying skinny dipping (when the weather gets warmer of course) and want to know where a good place to do it is. No pool of my own, I’m afraid, and I don’t really want to trespass on somebody else’s. And if I find a place, should I get a group to go […]

Skinny Dipping in Public

Here’s one we got from one of you guys: When I’m out at lakes at parks, I like to take off my swim trunks, put them in my hand and swim around. The water’s dark and nobody knows that I’m doing it. At least I hope they don’t know! Thanks for the quick story!

Have you ever gone Skinny Dipping ???

when did you Skinny Dipping? were you nervous ? who did you Skinny dip with ? where did you skinny dip ? what time of the day was it ? would you go Skinny Dipping again ? Or How Often do you dip ?

What is your opinion on skinny dipping? Should I try it?

I have been considering going skinny dipping, but am not sure. What do you suggest.

How can I find a good place to go skinny dipping?

Is it legal for 13 year old boy and girl (NOT brother and sister) to go skinny dipping?

AND DONT GET ME CRAP ABOUT BEING TOO YOUNG! We arent going to like have sex.

In what situation would you ever go skinny dipping?

I’m one who is never shy about an opportunity! What about you? Anytime of day, or only late night?