can you be punished by law by skinny dipping in your own private pool? day or night?

what are some extreme dares for two 15 year old kids?

we will do about anything. some of the most insane things we hav done are streak for 1 block and skinny dip in the neighbors kiddy pool.

Have you ever been skinny dipping?

Any good spots to go skinny dipping on Oahu in Hawaii? Especially near the East side.?

Strip Poker or Skinny Dipping?

Which do you think is more fun?

what does it mean to go skinny dipping?

What's your best skinny-dipping story?

Can Fat People Go Skinny Dipping?

I am sorry to offend you Mike.. I am an overweight person myself.. I was hoping for positve comments instead of all of the outrageous ones that I received.

Skinny dipping or strip poker?

Which do you think is more fun?

Skinny Dipping?

How many of you out there have skinny dipped.( i admit i did a couple of times).