Skinny Dip and a Dare

Doug sent in this story about skinning dipping with friends, and the resulting dare: It was quite a few years ago but it seems not that long ago. It was a very hot Saturday evening in August. We had been invited to a BBQ at a friend’s new house. It was on the first street […]

Skinny Dipping with a Friend

Ashley sent in this nice story about discovering something new about a good friend: Ever since freshman year of college (I’m a sophomore now), I get naked almost any chance I get. But until recently, I had always gotten naked in the privacy of my apartment, with no real risk of getting caught. But I […]

It Felt Good!

Jack sent in this nice memory of a great experience: When I was 16, I was staying at our summer home in Colorado. There was a long river within walking distance of my house. One time when I was just walking because I was bored, I got the slight feeling of “hey, there’s no one […]

Swim in the Rain

Sam send in this nice recollection: Recently my family got an Intex swimming pool with a frame. One day I decided to go swimming. I had read stories on here about skinny dipping so I decided today was going to be the day I do it. Unfortunately, it had started raining, but I wasn’t going […]

Skinny Dipping Party

Samantha sent in this short story about skinny dipping in college: Last month I attended a college party that turned into a skinny dipping party. The house we were at had a large, secluded backyard with a large pool and hot tub. People hesitated at first, but then gave in and took their clothes off. […]


Joe sent in this rather charming story of getting caught by the unlikeliest of people: It was a hot July Saturday the summer I turned 19. I just finished up some work on the farm and decided to head down to the pond for a swim. My parents were gone for the evening, so without […]

Backyard Summer Soak

Lee sent in this story of a beautiful evolution of skinny dipping with his wife: The plan to cool down in our backyard started when I saw a Southwest Airlines ad to ‘get away from it all.’ A couple is enjoying what appears to be a lake float on air mattresses, but then the camera […]

Naked and Crazy

Jane sent in another epic story of skinny dipping and more! It’s Jane here again, and I have been loving summer so far! I’m taking some accelerated courses at university over the summer and I’ve been way too stressed out over those lately. I figured it’s been too long since I had a good crazy […]

My First Time

Sam sent in this story of his first time skinning dipping: During this past summer, my family got an above-ground pool for our backyard. It wasn’t super big, but it was good to cool off on one of North Carolina’s hotter days. One day, I decided to go swimming in the afternoon. I had wanted […]

Naked at Hotel

Elisa sent in this great story, one of the best in a while! My name is Elisa, and this happened when I was 19 years old. I still live with my parents, but they send me away for college, I always go back for vacations. Anyway, there was this trip we did to the beach, […]