De-stress Hot Tub

Taylor sent in this short testimonial for the routine skinny dipping life, whether private or not: This past November I got a free hot tub from a relative who no longer wanted it. That thing has become my personal after work spa. Usually at least two or three times a week I will get home, […]

Second Date Shenanigans

Michael sent in this story about a nice experience with getting to know someone…quite well: I met Susan through an online dating site, in mid-September. For our first date, we met at a park on what turned out to be a cool, rainy day. We went for a walk and talked for a while. Although […]

She Was on a Layover

Michael sent this nice story about a chance encounter of the very best kind: A number of years ago, I had a job that required a week’s worth of training at a hotel near my company’s operations center in Northern Kentucky. The training started first thing on Monday morning, so I flew there and checked […]

Honeymoon Emergence

Bruce sent along this great story of a wonderful start to a married relationship. We should we all be so lucky! Back in the late 80’s, while serving in the Navy and stationed in San Diego, I met a wonderful woman named Joann and fell in love. Just before shipping out on a year-long tour […]

Nude Painting and Skinny Dipping

Michael sent in this great story about skinny dipping–and other activities–with a friend: My name is Michael. I’m currently a sophomore in college. Last semester, I was taking a writing class with my friend Katherine. She and I have been very close friends since middle school. So far, we’ve never been romantic. She is a […]

First Nude Swim in the Woods

Jonathan sent in this story of finding a perfect spot for a skinny dip: This year I was walking through the woods near my house in rural Appalachia, Viper, KY, to be exact. My whole goal for the day was to find a waterfall or two to swim in with my fiancĂ© clothed. Well, when […]

One Last Huzzah

Sam sent in this fun memory of a last gathering of friends from school: I have always been shy and tend to dress conservatively, but as my breasts started growing in during high school, I had this deep and naughty desire to show off my body. I would constantly dream of letting one of my […]

Skinny Dipping for the First Time

Mike sent in this story about his first time: This is a brief story about my first skinny dipping. It all happened some time ago when I was on vacation at my friend’s house. They lived in a small farm, so during the hot summer days there wasn’t many things to do. So we spent […]

Vacationing with Friends

Frank sent in this fun story about a couples weekend, and the one person who wouldn’t take a Chance: My girlfriend (Karen) and I have been friends with this couple (Chance/Lily) for a few years. Recently their parents had bought a lake house and offered it to them to use. Chance and Lily invited us […]

Skinny Dipping in a Creek

J sent in this story about happy memories at a remote cabin: Wife and I have gone to a cabin in the woods that is by a small creek. The property is owned by some friends of ours. We have gone there for a few years and the first year we went I was able […]