What is your opinion on skinny dipping? Should I try it?

I have been considering going skinny dipping, but am not sure. What do you suggest.

How can I find a good place to go skinny dipping?

Is it legal for 13 year old boy and girl (NOT brother and sister) to go skinny dipping?

AND DONT GET ME CRAP ABOUT BEING TOO YOUNG! We arent going to like have sex.

In what situation would you ever go skinny dipping?

I’m one who is never shy about an opportunity! What about you? Anytime of day, or only late night?

Would you skinny dip?

or flash ur self to an on comming truck or somn? tell me! cus i sure as hell would!!!!!

First Time Skinny Dipping Story

Hi Everyone – Jen here! I got a short story from a friend of mine and thought I’d post it for everyone: Hey Jen, here’s my story. It’s only my first time skinny dipping but I thought I’d send it to you for your website. I didn’t do much but it was pretty thrilling for […]

Hotel Pool

I was once at a hotel pool at night and it was somewhat cool out but the water in the pool was warm, so I went back up to my room, got into my bikini and robe and then went down to the pool. There was still nobody there. This hotel pool was great because […]

If fat people like myself skinny dip, is it called 'fat dipping'?

what kind of super crazy totally insane games can my and my friends do like some funny games like skinny dip?

well my and my friend are totally tight and we don’t care if we see each other naked so i think i can add skinny dipping to our to do list but we are trying to find so other things like that, like some funny bad-ass things that wont get caught by our parents but […]

On My Jet Ski

I went out one morning on my jet ski. It’s nice to hit the water early because it’s like glass and you can just fly on a lake. I’m not a morning person but I’d get up and ride my jet ski early about 5 times a year. One morning in particular was really nice. […]