Playing Hooky by the Lake

Erica shared this high school memory of skinny dipping with a good friend on a hot day:

Behind my school was a small wooded area that lead to a large lake. For Cross Country, we would often run through those woods since they had some nice hills to practice on.

On one particularly hot day, we had been tasked with a several-mile run to prepare for a coming meet. A few minutes into the run, I was already exhausted from the heat, and had to walk. My friend Eddie, who I normally outran, caught up to me and asked if I was okay. I told him it was just too hot for me, and he agreed and decided to walk with me. A few minutes later, he took his shirt off, as the guys often did when it got hot. I told him that I envied all the guys who could just take their shirts off like it was no big deal, and he apologized on behalf of his gender for how unfair it was.

We eventually made it through the woods and decided to rest by the lake instead of pretending we were still on a run. We talked for a while, and I soon suggested that we could just wade in the water a little bit to cool off. We took our shoes off and stepped into the lake. It was so refreshingly cool after spending so long in the heat. In that moment, I just wanted to plunge my whole body into the water, but walking all the way back to the lockers with soaked work out clothes sounded miserable.

Looking over at Eddie’s shirtless torso, I started to consider just getting naked, and the idea filled me with excitement: cooling off totally exposed in the wide open with a good friend. Then I did something I thought I’d never do and just bluntly suggested it: “Hey, you wanna skinny dip?” Eddie looked shocked, but managed to stammer out a yes. I then stepped back onto the shore to undress. Eddie’s excitement quickly started to show through his shorts. I took off my shorts, pulled off my sports bra, my bare body exposed to the hot air, and ran into the water.

It was the most refreshing feeling I had ever felt; sweet, cold relief from the hot sun. Eddie fumbled off his shorts and boxers and ran in with me. We swam out to a small island a few dozen yards from the shore and sunbathed in the nude on it. It occurred to me that anybody could have come by and seen us, and that really turned me on, but I really couldn’t explain why. We enjoyed ourselves for a little while, cooling off in the water, until we eventually put our clothes back on and headed back. It was such a fun time.

What a great time, Erica! Playing hooky from a running workout on a hot day by skinning dipping sounds perfectly okay to me!


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